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Child Health - How To Improve It?

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Dr.Major Gen. K S Rao 90% (44ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Pediatrics, PG Diploma in Child Health
Pediatrician, Gurgaon  •  57years experience
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I am Dr Major Gen. K. S. Rao, a retired general of the Indian Army. I have been a senior consultant Paediatrics for all the 3 services and was also associated with the general physician duties. The motto of my starting of the clinic is to see that all the Indian children who are born in this country get the best of the health aid and to see that they grow to become good children with adequate weight & height and achieve the mental & physical growth. It is also to assist the mothers to see that the children are vaccinated at the appropriate time and with appropriate vaccines. It is also to see that all the children who come to the clinic have been examined thoroughly and also the BMI and height, weight and other indexes. So that to assist the mothers to see that the babies are growing well.

In case where the babies are not growing well or they are lagging behind we have to check for all the metabolic disorders, for all the genetic disorders which may inhibit the growth & development of the babies. That being the case, the motto of this particular clinic is early detection and early intervention in the management of all these metabolic disorders. And the babies from birth to 2 years are serially examined and we assist the parents such that their babies grow physically & mentally to a good state of health.

The motto of this particular clinic is to see that the babies grow very well. And that the future citizens of this country attain good physical & mental health so that a very good nation can be built. We have to have, in all the case, to see to it that the babies grow very well, children grow very well. So that we can have them to get into the various sports activities, so that we achieve maximum Olympic Gold Medals. Thank you very much!

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