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Chest Pain

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DM - Cardiology, MBBS, MD - General Medicine
Cardiologist, Noida  •  21years experience
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Hi! I am Dr. Pankaj Ranjan, Cardiologist. Today I will talk about chest pain. This is a very annoying problem which a general patient face. This is life threatening problem. Now chest pain makes the patient anxious. Patient always has the query whether it is a threat to the life or not.

We will discuss all this in this video. 10-20% patient comes with the complaint of chest pain. It could be benign or potentially serious. First thing we need to see is that there should not be any cardiac illness. Any chest pain which increases with body movement is less likely to be any cardiac illness. Patient may have crushing chest pain. Patient may have shortness of breath or excessive sweating. If some other problem like aortic dissection is there, then it has to be properly diagnosed. Patient complains for severe chest pain.

If anyone has the history of diabetes, lipid disorder or anybody who smokes or any cardiac illness, in such cases we have to be very careful for the patient. Sometimes patient might have the deficiency of vitamin-D. In our urban population, 80% patients are suffering from vitamin-D deficiency. This can cause a chest discomfort. So, do not think that it is because of heart discomfort.

Therefore, you should not neglect any chest discomfort. Contact immediately the doctor. Go for ECG test. Why is this important because 50% of the patient thinks that it is normal chest pain but exactly it is leading towards the heart attack. Thank You!

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