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Cheating - How To Save Yourself?

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Cheating - How To Save Yourself?

Do people take advantage of your ice behaviour often? Are you unable to understand when you are being manipulated by somebody’s sugar-coated words? Well words may be the fundamental medium to convey your feelings, but at times, interpersonal attitude does act as a substitute for verbal messages. It is not only what you say, but how you actually behaved and presented yourself when you said something.

Watch out for these signs to study people and avoid being hoodwinked by them the next time.

  1. Sketch a baseline, people have their own unique patterns and quirks of behavior. For instance, they might jiggle their feet often, pout and blink, caress their neck, scratch their heads, cross their arms, stare at the floor or even clear their throat during conversation. These actions may sound like mere mannerisms but digging closer may reveal symptoms indicative of nervousness, anger or deception.
  2. A lone word or a gesture from a person may mean nothing significant but when a number of such aberrations are clustered together, they are really worth your notice. Tread with caution.
  3. Pull your observation a notch higher to check if the person repeats the same expression or posture in the company of other people as well.
  4. Mirror neurons are a sort of built-in monitors within your brain that reflect the state of mind of the people around you. You smile and raise your eyebrows when you see someone after a long time. In case your partner doesn’t reciprocate your efforts, that echoes he or she isn’t equally happy as you.
  5. Spot out the strong one in a group; as evident from the way he/she walks, talks or carries himself/herself in general. This way you can never go wrong in recognizing the right person you need.
  6. See how they walk because people who bow their heads down while walking, shuffle along or lack certain fluidity while they move, usually suffer from low self-esteem.
  7. Words do reveal your thoughts, observe the person and his exact choice of words, as they might offer some serious insight into their thinking process.
  8. Hunt for their personality cues when confronted with certain situations. For instance, whether they exhibit extroverted or introverted behavior, whether they are driven by purpose or plain sentiment, the way they handle uncertainty or risks, what feeds their ego and the way they carry themselves when relaxed or stressed out.
  9. Put all these traits together to reach a conclusion.
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