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Buttock Augmentation: 4 Things You Need To Know!

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Buttock Augmentation: 4 Things You Need To Know!

Buttock augmentation is also known as Gluteal augmentation, it is a procedure meant for improving the size and shape of your buttocks. With the radical evolution of technology, buttock augmentation is a common and popular technique. An accentuated buttock with increased firmness and roundness will account for an enhanced appeal in young women. This phenomenon is commonly called the Brazilian Butt Lift. Before thinking of getting a buttock augmentation and consulting any expert, you should keep in mind four important facts about the process:

  1. A Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants are not the same things: There are two types of techniques for lifting up and fattening your buttocks. Surgically carried out silicone buttock implant is the first type and provides a much rounder bottom shape. The second type is the Brazilian Butt Lift, which involves fat transfer, creating striking natural upliftment. Consult your surgeon to know about the best technique to be used in accordance with your body type.
  2. Your choice of surgeon matters: An avidly experienced and trustworthy surgeon is your key to a successful buttock augmentation which would provide satisfactory output. You choose a surgeon who is working in the field of fat grafting and buttock implants for a long time. They should have proper board certifications in plastic surgery.
  3. The best buttock augmentation results will appear proportionate to your body: Consult a senior surgeon who will assist you in deciding the most appropriate shape, size and the best procedure of surgery, according to your body type. No matter matter how big you want the implants to be, do realise that the surgery should complement the other parts of your body. Else, you would end up looking artificial from behind. Buttock augmentation is not only meant for enhancing the buttocks. It adds on to your overall figure as well.
  4. The results of buttock augmentation are very long lasting: A butt augmentation carried out successfully is supposed to last for a long span of time. In case you are unhappy with the results, your confidence, discomfort and finance will all be at stake. Silicone buttock implants continue to look good and firm for more than ten years. In case of the Brazilian Butt Lift, autologous fat tissue graft fuses with your body tissues, providing permanent results. Choosing the size that matches your overall figure is the most important decision to be taken while undertaking buttock augmentation.
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