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Botox and Fillers

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Hello friends!

I’m Dr.S. K Chawla, plastic and cosmetic surgeon at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic. I also attend the Fortis Hospital.

Today we are going to discuss something about non-surgical treatment or facial enhancement or improvement so that one should look young, good and beautiful. We have lot of facial non-surgical treatments available. Out of these Botox and fillers are commonly being used nowadays. As most of our clients they are not interested in surgical treatment and they demand non-surgical treatment to improve their facial features so we have Botox and fillers. Botox is a medicine which relax your facial muscles and it gives you the wrinkle free face. This is used by giving injections. This injection is almost painless because we have applied numbing cream on the area where you feel you have wrinkles or you have an enhance you want to remove the wrinkle from any particular area so we apply the numbing cream at least 40 minutes before. After that we give injections. This injection relax your muscles, so when the muscles contract you don’t have wrinkles. But this is a very demanding procedure and it should be done by a medical person. Second one is the facial fillers, fillers is a material which is use to fill a particular area on your face so that it gives the volume to the face. Because with the increasing age your face loose volume from certain area and because of the loss of volume of face look looks age aging that is why the people wants to look younger and we give them fillers in that particular area. So this filler is also given by injection, it has no side effects, it will give you effect at least for 8-10 months. After 8-10 months if you want you get it again.

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