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Benefits Of Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (iPRF)

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I am Dr. Sumaira Bhat. Today I will talk about the benefits of injectable platelet-rich fibrin (iPRF). It is a unique rejuvenation technique where we use patient's own blood to rejuvenate the skin, hair and also adds volume. How is it different from PRP? Both are blood driven procedures. The only difference is there is no anticoagulant added to iPRF. It adds more vibrant to the plasma. It intensifies the reproduction of the cells. Having gradual yet long lasting accumulating effects. It stimulates the collagen, improves the complexion and reduces the pigmentation of the skin. It involves 4 anti-test tubes. This is the only difference between iPRF and PRP.

We place the tubes opposite to one another. We need to put the blood into these. It helps in rejuvenating your skin, helps in increasing hair volume. It also helps in decreasing acne scars. So, I would highly recommend going to iPRF. So, iPRF works wonder. And I have shown to have great results on hair loss in both men and women. Somebody who doesn't want to go for injectable like hyaluronic acids can opt for these kinds of injections. You need 6 sittings for it with the gap of at least 25 days to 1 month. So, iPRF has gain importance in the market as a new measure to rejuvenate your skin especially in restoring your hair loss in both men and women. So, I would highly recommend iPRF or PRP as a major goal to increase your skin elasticity and restore your hair loss.

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