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Appendicitis - Why Surgery Should Be Preferred?

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Appendicitis - Why Surgery Should Be Preferred?

Under an antibiotic treatment of an Appendicitis patient, a surgical removal of the appendix, say Appendectomy is the primary procedure to cure Appendicitis. However, it is said that an antibiotic treatment of computed tomography (CT) proven which seems effective as the traditional surgical method termed as Appendectomy. Let’s dig it more to know whether the appendectomy or surgical method is required or just antibiotic treatment along with tomography can work too. If it can work or in case where surgical treatment can be avoided, would it be safe

What is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is a medical condition where appendix in human body becomes inflamed. The appendix is a tube in our body with a length of 3 ½ inches long which elongates from the large intestine. Appendicitis is a medical emergency condition where the appendix has to be removed or eliminated from the body to cure the patient. If not removed or in case, left untreated, it can perforate, spill infectious liquid or even burst leading to severe inflammation in the abdominal cavity. Until it is treated with antibiotics or appendix gets removed, the inflammation can lead to further damage to abdominal cavity continues.

Why surgical procedure is required

Appendectomy is the most effective medical procedure for the treatment of acute appendicitis, however antibiotic treatment with a tomography has proven. It is also observed that most of the patients didn’t need any surgery or Appendectomy after their follow up to nearly one year. Even it is seen often that patients who had gone through the surgery didn’t have actually any such complications. But does that mean, such patient do not need medical surgery or does it prove that Appendectomy isn’t just required to remove appendix or cure Appendicitis? The answer is no! 

This is because when these two kinds of treatment and their respective results are compared in the non-inferiority trials to anticipate the effect of new treatment is not worse than prevailing one. As the outcome of this comparison, medical investigators learned that other than medical surgery, the antibiotic treatment doesn’t meet the expected marginal criteria in non-inferiority trials.

However, there is bit of relief to say that investigators found out 72.7 % of total patients getting recovered from the acute non-complex Appendicitis are undergoing antibiotic treatment. Complicated acute Appendicitis is mostly not cured by the antibiotic treatment. Another important observational difference between these two types of treatment is the reduced stay of surgical patients in hospital than antibiotic treatment patients.

Antibiotic treatment can be really be the exact cure for some patients, however, surgery gives more assurance. Therefore, it completely depends on the patient’s scale of Appendicitis, its complexity and professional guideline of doctors or surgeons for sure.

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