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Aligners, Adult Braces & Invisible Braces!

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Aligners, Adult Braces & Invisible Braces!

Any type of crookedness can be corrected by newer technologies like aligners. Dental aligners are an alternative to traditional orthodontic (braces) treatment and are designed to help guide teeth align into their correct position without metal wires and braces. 

1. These are removable 
2. These are easy to clean
3. They are flexible and hence are comfortable, 
4. Does not irritate gums and cheeks as braces do 
5. You don't have to come for monthly appointments visits as you need to for conventional braces 
6. They are transparent and hence are highly aesthetic,
7. They also help prevent tooth wear from grinding 
8. Much faster treatment than conventional braces 
9. The most important advantage of aligners treatment is that you can see the final treatment outcome before the start of the treatment. (pre & post-treatment photographs & video of tooth movement will be shown before the start. If you are convinced then you can confirm your treatment. 

There are a variety of dental aligners available in the market like Invisalign, clear aligners, clear path, clear correct, illusion lingers and many more. Age is not a limitation for aligner treatment, provided your teeth supporting gums and bone are healthy.

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