Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery And Myths Related To It

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I am Dr. Saurabh Bansal, General Surgeon,. Today I will talk about advanced laparoscopic surgery and myths related to it. Laparoscopic surgery has evolved over the last 3 decades. And we should be thankful to all the Drs that they have pirated this surgery. Why has it become so popular? I always say that there are 3es and 3ls associated with laparoscopic surgery. The 3es are early recovery, early return to the home and early return to the office. Now the 3ls are less pain, less scars, and less morbidity. Open surgery mein jo aap ko cut lagta hai vo laparoscopy mein nahi lagta. So, these are the big advantages for laparoscopic and keyhole surgery. Now, the question is about the spectrum of the surgery. Patients aate hain and puchte hain ki ye laparoscopic se surgery hogi ya nahi. So, it depens upon the centre and surgeon. But I will tell you the surgeries commonly performed in the hospital. Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, laparoscopic hernia surgery, bariatric surgery. Laparoscopic surgery has tremendously used in advance cases.

Jaise laparoscopic ka acute case mein, small or large bowel ke obstruction, solid organ surgery like uterus surgery, pancreas surgery. Ye sab surgeries selected cases mein ki jaati hain. Depend karata hai ki surger=on ki preference kya hai. Ab patients puchte hain ki robotic surgery kya hai? This is the advanced form of laparoscopic surgery. Ismein robot surgery nahi karta. Dr hi robot ke through surgery karta hai. Laparoscopic surgery ke kya myths hain. Log aate hain ki laser surgery kardo. Laparoscopic surgery is not laser surgery. Laser surgery is an energy which is used by urology and dermatology people. Laser ka use varicose mein hota hai. Piles mein bhi hum use karte hain. So, that is different then the laparoscopic surgery. 2nd myth is laparoscopic surgery is an incomplete surgery. Some people come and say ki Dr ye pit ki thali nikal toh jaati hai na? Kya jo operation hua hai vo complete hai ya nahi, kuch reh toh nahi gaya andar.

Ye badi common dharna hoti hai. I would suggest to go for laparoscopic surgery because is surgery mein ek magnified view milta hai. Humein structures clearly dikhte hain and humara accuracy of doing a surgery improve and the dissection is more complete. Toh ye myth hai kuch reh jata hai, ye galat hai. Next myth is that laparoscopic surgery cannot be performed in the complex. Laparoscopic surgery selected patients mein and kisi bhi problem ke lia ki ja sakti hai. Next myth is laparoscopic surgery open surgery ke baad nahi ho sakti hai. But, it can be done because of dissection karna thoda asan hota hai. Ye safe bhi hai kyuki aap camera mein dekh ke karte hain. Agla myth hai ki old age mein aur chote bache mein laparoscopic surgery nahi ki ja sakti hai. But aisa nahi hai. Jahan expertise hai, vahan ye possible hai. Thin and fat dono mein kiya ja sakta hai. Hum gas use karte hain laparoscopic surgery ke lia kyuki space banaya jata hai. Toh is se related myth hai ki gas ki dikkat hai ya digestion ki dikkat hai. But aisa nahi hai. Ye medicines se ho sakta hai. So, ye myth hai ki laparoscopic surgery gastro problem karti hai. So, I wisjh you all a very happy and healthy life And if you want to consult, then consult me through Lybrate.

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