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Adenoid Tonsillitis

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Dr.Vivek Kumar Pathak 90% (255ratings)
ENT Specialist, Noida  •  13years experience
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I am Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak, MBBS MS ENT. I am an ENT specialist. Today I am going to discuss about the medical condition which is called Adenoid tonsillitis. So what are tonsils? Tonsils are nothing but they are a connection of lymphatic tissues which are present in the palatine, they are called as Palatine tonsils. There are certain tonsils which are present in the nasopharynx, they are known as the Adenoids. So these tonsils sometimes become hypertrophic, they increase in size. So whenever they increase in size, there are certain symptoms with which the patient comes in the OPD or the casualty. The symptoms are difficulty in swallowing, fever, sleep apnea, difficulty in breathing at the bedtime and similar condition with the adenoids.

Adenoid are more common in children. Normally they regress by the age of 12 to 13 years. Sometimes the adenoids are very much hypertrophic, then they cause difficulty in breathing, recurrent sinusitis, sometimes the child sleeps with mouth open. Whenever the patient develops all these symptoms, these tonsils and the adenoids we have to remove them. First of all we go for medical treatment. If the patient doesn't get treated we go for the surgery. The surgery for these hypertrophic tonsils and adenoid is removal. Nowadays we use a precise instrument like Coblation and laser to remove these adenoid and tonsil. By this technique, the blood loss is very less so you can say one drop or two drop of blood loss is there. The post-of period is painless. Nowadays we use the coblation method. If you are having these symptoms or your child is having these symptoms of tonsillitis and chronic adenoid hypertrophy then you can come to us and get relieved.

Thank you.

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