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Addiction - Why To Opt Out Of It?

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Addiction - Why To Opt Out Of It?

The term 'Addiction' is defined as a chronic weakening disorder for people, who use habit forming substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs and others. Addiction is a propensity to make one feel ecstatic.
Such substances are toxic and will soon prove to be lethal for a person. De addiction is the process of disengaging oneself from the usage of habit forming substances. The process of de addiction is slow; it requires a great deal of self control and determination to achieve adequate results.

Why should you give up on addiction of any kind and opt for de addiction?

One must opt for the process of de addiction owing to the following reasons:

1. It helps you to successfully diagnose the underlying psychiatric issues that are responsible for your habit formation
2. It helps you get rid of harmful practices that make your body toxic
3. It helps you to develop your morality and enables you to understand your responsibilities better, it clears your clouded judgment
4. You get a chance to develop your personal cognitive skills
5. It helps you regain your lost respect and dignity among your friends and family
6. It improves your relationship with your family and makes you a responsible member of the family
7. It improves your health conditions and allows to actively take part in your daily activities actively

What is the role of an addict's friends and family in the process of de addiction?

The family members of the addicts play an important role in the process of de addiction. Usually it is the family members, who encourage the addicts to give up on their addiction. The support and constant encouragement of the family enables the addicts to pull through the steps of de addiction with ease. Most addicts tend to give in to their temptation during the course of de addiction, but if their family members keep an eye on the addict's actions closely and make it a point to provide them with necessary counseling and rehab facilities, then the addicts might not give in to their weak moment. The support of their friends is also indispensable, they look after their friend who has a history of addiction and ensure that he/she does not go down the same dark alley again.

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