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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Acidity - 7 Tips To Help You Control It!

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Dr. Mukesh KallaGastroenterologist • 29 Years Exp.MD - General Medicine, DM - Gastroenterology
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The problem of acidity occurs when the gastric glands of the stomach release extra acid, i.e. hydrochloric acid. This acid helps in the breakdown and digestion of eating food and when the extra hydrochloric acid is produced, that is when the problem of acidity arises. 

Types of acidity

Two types of acid reflux are

  1. Upright acid reflux: Every hour when you are sitting throughout the day, upright acid reflux occurs.
  2. Supine acid reflux: This form of acid reflux generally happens at night when the acid flows twice in the esophagus. Throughout the night time, we usually relax ourselves, so the acids are likely to go upside down. Visit a doctor before your supine acid reflux gets worse.

Symptoms of acidity:
Dyspepsia and heartbeat are the major symptoms of acidity. Heartburn usually occurs when you have your meal and is more irritated if you are involved in heavy weight lifts which result in stomach pressure.
Although you can experience different forms of acidity, symptoms of both types can be common. General symptoms of both the upright and supine Acid Reflux include ulcers, sinusitis, dysfunction, tooth decay. Chronic Supreme Reflux can cause chronic pain in the chest, long-term damage to the arms and jaws, stomach and respiratory tract.

Treatment for Acidity
There are seven ways to help treat your acidity:

  1. Maintain a healthy die as maintaining proper habit is important. The consumption of spicy, processed food, pebbles, and high-fat food is not recommended. Eat slowly and chew your food properly.
  2. Quit smoking and avoid alcohol consumption, as it increases heartbeat problems.
  3. Diagnose yourself and meet a doctor. Some clinical trials to be conducted include X-rays, blood tests and endoscopy.
  4. Some tips that you can follow to prevent insult include: (A) Avoid exercising with the entire stomach (B) Do not wear tight fitting clothes while sleeping (C) If you go to bed at least three Wait hours ago.
  5. Your body weight also plays a crucial role. The weight of the extra body is pressured on the lower esophagus (LES) sphincter, which can weaken it over time. If LES fails to shut down correctly, then you are likely to experience from acid reflux.
  6. Long-time acute stress and anxiety can cause acidity. You can follow some relaxation techniques to deal with stress and anxiety.
  7. Dietary supplements available in health food stores and drug stores such as calcium and digestive enzymes can reduce the acidity.

Most of us can understand that acidity is a superficial issue, but when it gets spoiled it causes serious health issues such as an ulcer. Therefore, it is suggested to be attentive to the symptoms and moves forward a suitable remedy for acidity, positively.


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