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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

7 Ways To Care For Your Eyes Without Making Any Effort

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Dr. Shah Nawaz ShafiOphthalmologist • 12 Years Exp.MD-Ophthalmology
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7 Ways To Care For Your Eyes

Eyes do more than we give them credit for and require more care than what we actually give them mostly. It isn't very difficult to ensure that your eyes are healthy and taken care of.

Here are 7 ways to care for your eyes everyday.

1) Splash water - Always clean your eyes with cold (filtered) water, from time to time. The clean water washes the eyes and keeps them healthy and free of diseases.
2) Don’t look into the sun - Never look into the sunlight directly. In fact, avoid looking at any sort of light that is harsh on the eyes. Direct rays of any kind of bright light can have damaging effect on the retina.
3) Get eyes examined - Have regular eye exams to check for diabetes and high blood pressure, if these health problems already exist in the family.
4) Do not smoke - People who smoke are more risk of having age-related eye problems.
5) Exercise your eyeballs - Roll the eyeballs up and down, and lift and right without moving your position. Repeat this exercise about 5 to 10 times. This helps relax the muscles in your eyes.
6) Distance eyes from screens - If you work on the computer, make sure there is enough distance between the screen and your eyes. Sit at least 22-28 inches away from the screen. The same applies while using smartphones and tablets. Do not view the screen from too close. Viewing the screen from too near as well as from too far; can increase the strain in your eyes.
7) Give them a break - People who work on the computer all day should ensure that they rest their eyes after regular intervals. Look in a long distance every few minutes.

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