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5 Signs of Growth Hormone Deficiency

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Dr. Arun Kumar Singh 92% (439 ratings)
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Endocrinologist, Faridabad  •  14 years experience
5 Signs of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Growth hormone is one of the many hormones secreted by master endocrine gland i.e. pituitary gland. As its name suggests, growth hormone has a central role in the overall growth of human being. It plays a much more important role during childhood than adulthood. Growth hormone also controls our metabolism. Deficiency of growth hormone results in poor growth (short height) during childhood and also disorders of metabolism.

Growth hormone deficiency can be caused by abnormal development of pituitary gland, head injury, intra cranial tumors etc. or it can be idiopathic (reason not known). It is very important to identify the problem as early as possible because results are very good when treatment is started early. And also, because growth hormone deficiency can be caused by serious underlying disorders, for example - intracranial tumors. Following are few hints to possible diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency.

  1. If your child shows any of these signs, take him/her to an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) for assessment of his/her growth
  2. If your child is frequently mistaken for being much younger for his/her age.
  3. If your child is being teased or bullied by his/her friends due to short height.
  4. If your child is fitting into same clothes or shoes for more than 2 years.
  5. If your child is much shorter than children of same age and sex. If your child is growing less than 4 cm in a year.

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