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5 Reasons Why Farting Is Good For You!

Dr. Ramneek Varma 89% (352 ratings)
MD-Internal Medicine , MBBS
General Physician, Delhi  •  42 years experience
5 Reasons Why Farting Is Good For You!

While the very mention of the word ‘Fart’ makes some of you cringe and cover your nose, you can’t ignore the sheer obviousness of the whole process. It is as natural as eating, drinking, sleeping & any other daily habit you associate yourself with. Farting occurs mainly when the air is trapped within your body. We sometimes swallow air during eating or it is produced from intestinal gas and chemical reactions in the stomach. In hindsight, farting can actually be a good thing. Don’t think so? Well read more to know.

Here are 5 reasons for you to believe that farting is actually wonderful and not as gross as you think it might be:

  1. The hydrogen sulphide present in the fart is poisonous and smelly, but when used in small amount, it is known to be beneficial in the prevention of heart diseases and strokes.
  2. The smelling farts containing hydrogen sulphide is also known to be useful for slowing down the ageing process
  3. Farting, openly and without inhibition, while being in a relationship can actually be considered as taking a step forward in terms of honesty and comfort in the relationship. If you can share the process with your other half without hesitation and can accept the pungency that comes with it, then the relationship is definitely working well.
  4. Farting can work as a self-defensive mechanism, as proved by recent researchers.
  5. Holding your fart for a long time might cause uncomfortable conditions, such as bloated bowel movements and haemorrhoids.

No matter how much you hold them, the farts will release themselves once you’re relaxed, especially when you’re sleeping. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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