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5 Health Benefits Of Having An Eco-friendly Lifestyle!

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Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Singh 90% (193ratings)
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Ayurvedic Doctor, Lakhimpur Kheri  •  11years experience
5 Health Benefits Of Having An Eco-friendly Lifestyle!

An eco-friendly lifestyle is important not just to save the planet, but also to save your own life. Protecting your environment indirectly enables you to elongate your life span. Breathing in better air, living in a cleaner atmosphere, eating better food, drinking purer water - all ensure a healthier body. Moreover, the improved aesthetics of a clean environment has positive psychological effects on your brain! Protecting your environment is of utmost importance in ensuring your good health. Following are 5 key health benefits of having an eco-friendly lifestyle,

  1. Better quality food - the quality of your environment directly affects the quality of food it produces - the same food that you consume! An eco-friendly lifestyle entails the consumption of more organic food which allows more nutrition and fewer pesticides or chemicals to enter your body. Hence, one becomes less exposed to carcinogenic compounds and other diseases causing or immunity hampering chemicals. Moreover, when one is producing their own vegetables, they end up consuming more seasonal items, which ensures a better diet.

  2. Better air quality - A breath of fresh air is often used to describe one’s favourite thing about the hills or forest or countryside. The very phrase makes one feel more refreshed. City air has multiple pollutants even in the absence of smog, that can cause diseases. Fresh or pure air not only contains more oxygen but also lacks harmful pollutants and microparticles that adversely affect one’s health. Hence, an environment-friendly lifestyle allows one to improve the quality of the air they breathe and thus, avoid life-threatening diseases.

  3. Better quality water - an improved environment ensures the supply of cleaner water, allowing one to consume its minerals while avoiding its pollutants. Cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid are just a few waterborne diseases that are transmitted via unclean drinking water.

  4. Increased physical activity - An eco-friendly human would automatically engage in more physical activity, as they’d attempt to choose walking or cycling over driving or using public transports whenever possible. Increased physical activity is directly correlated to one’s health and fitness.

  5. Psychological impact - the feeling that comes with saving the planet is sometimes enough to give one a sense of purpose. This can help individuals beat depression or excessive self-pitying. Additionally, the aesthetic results of one’s eco-friendly actions, automatically makes one happier.

Improving the condition of our environment not only improves our own health but also helps us ensure that our next generation can live healthy lives as well!

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