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5 Foods To Avoid Before Having Sex

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Vaidya Visharad
Sexologist,  •  59years experience
5 Foods To Avoid Before Having Sex
These 5 surprise foods lower your libido and dampen your sex drive.1. Coffee- Too much caffeine can cause stress and hormonal imbalances.2. Artificial Sweeteners- Artificial sweeteners contain aspartame, an ingredient that causes trouble for your body’s happy hormone (serotonin), without which your mood and libido tends to suffer.3. Dairy products- Overconsumption of dairy products like cheese induces toxins that interfere with the production of the natural, mood uplifting hormones.4. Crispy delights- A pack of chips by your bedside is enough to lower your libido.5. Corn flakes- Did you know that Dr John Harvey Kellogg, made this cereal as a part of a bland diet to lower people’s sex drive? It is best to stay away from corn flakes before going to bed.

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