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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

2 Biggest Dental Mistakes that Indians Make!

Dr. Kiran KumarDentist • 12 Years Exp.BDS
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2 Biggest dental mistakes that Indians make!

Your dental health chiefly depends on the way you care for your teeth and gums. Most Indians consider maintaining oral health a very simple thing, and end up committing quite a few dental blunders as a result. As a result, a whopping 95% of the population in India suffers from gum disease! (Source: National Oral Health Programme)

Read on to find which of these dental mistakes you are making and how to avoid them.

1. Not flossing your teeth
Flossing plays a significant role in getting rid of sticky bacteria or plaque from your teeth. The acid generated by dental plaque is the chief cause behind oral cavities, gum irritation and various other gum diseases. Flossing is essential for cleaning the space between your teeth and in turn eliminating most of the bacteria present in your mouth. This is the very reason it should not be ignored.However in India, well over 70% of the population does not floss.

2. Not regularly visiting the dentist
Most Indians have the habit of not visiting the dentist at regular intervals due to laziness, a forgetful nature or fear. Quite a few hold the common belief that if they aren’t experiencing a toothache, they don’t need to visit the dentist at all. Only 2% of Indians visit the dentist. This often puts you in greater risks of developing a gum disease, which may require painful and costly treatment in the future. So, make it a priority to visit the dentist at least once every year to ensure better dental health.

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