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10 Natural Remedies To Cure Irregular Periods

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Ayurvedic Doctor, Bangalore  •  9years experience
10 Natural Remedies To Cure Irregular Periods
10 natural remedies to cure irregular periods

One common problem amongst a lot for women is irregular periods. While normally women have eleven to thirteen periods in a year, those suffering from irregular periods might have lesser than even six or seven. While this can be due to various problems, there exist some foods which can help cure this problem

1) ginger - often used to relieve menstrual pain, ginger is also used to correct irregular periods. You can include powdered ginger in your food or drink ginger tea.

2) cinnamon - one superfood which has a lot of health benefits is cinnamon. One can have cinnamon powder with tea or lemon juice to cure irregular periods.

3) aloe vera - it is responsible for regulating hormones in our bodies. Drinking aloe vera juice not only helps reduce weight but also regulates the periods.

4) turmeric - it is known to balance the hormones and stimulate flow of blood in the uterus. Drinking it with milk helps relieve spasm and regulate irregular periods.

5) papaya - raw papaya aids in increasing the flow of blood in the uterus and in uterine contractions, thus helping cure irregular periods.

6) sesame seeds - these help in producing and balancing hormones. Eating them also helps in regulating irregular pain.

7) jaggery - it is rich in minerals and iron, hence help cure irregular periods which can arise due to anemia.

8) grapes - grapes too contain iron and help curing irregular periods caused due to anaemia.

9) buttermilk - with calcium, potassium, proteins and vitamin b complex, buttermilk aids hormone secretion, thus helping cure irregular periods.

10) coriander - its juice is another food that helps cure irregular periods.

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