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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

10 Essentials You Need Right After Delivery

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MotherhoodGynaecologist • 12 Years Exp.Speciality Birthing Care
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Everyone has a different idea of what a mother and baby needs in the first few days after childbirth, but some essentials cannot be skipped out on. With that in mind, here are 10 childcare essential you may need right after the delivery.

  1. Nursing pillows: A baby may be small and seem light, but carrying them can put a strain on your arms. Since babies need to be fed very often in their first few weeks, a nursing pillow is a handy thing to have around. This allows you to comfortably support your baby while feeding them.
  2. Breast pump: Though only a mother can produce breast milk, other people can feed this milk to the baby. A breast pump will allow you to express milk at a time convenient to you and store it in bottles to be fed to the baby as needed.
  3. Bottles and nipples: A set of bottles and nipples are must haves for every baby. In their first few weeks, these bottles may be used to store mother’s milk, but as the baby grows, these bottles can also be used to give the baby water.
  4. Pacifiers: A baby who wants to constantly suck on the mother’s nipples may be soothed with a pacifier. This can give the mother some time to rest.
  5. Diapers: For over a year, diapers are a must for every baby. Most mothers choose disposable diapers for their convenience though others may choose cotton wash clothes as well. For the first few weeks, a baby tends to go through 10-12 diapers a day so stock up well.
  6. Bedding: Whether you choose to share your bed with the infant or have him or her sleep in a crib, you will need at least two sets of crib sheets.
  7. Baby bath tub: In their first few days, a baby needs to only be sponged down, but as they grow, regular baths become a necessity. A baby sized bathtub will make it easier to hold the baby while keeping them safe.
  8. Sling: Carrying a baby in your arms all the time is not possible and hence it is a good idea to invest in a sling or front pack. This also keeps the baby close to your body and allows him or her to be soothed by your warmth and heartbeat.
  9. Stroller: Once a child is three months old, he or she can be made to sit upright in a stroller. This gives the mother a little free time and puts less pressure on her back.
  10. Car seat: A car seat if a must have for every baby. You could choose between rear facing car seats of convertible car seats. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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