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10 Concrete Ways To Minimize Cancer Risk

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Oncologist, Bhubaneswar  •  15years experience
10 Concrete Ways To Minimize Cancer Risk
Today is World Cancer Day.

Though there are no proven ways to prevent cancer, you can do a lot of things reduce your risk of getting the disease. Here are 10 good important ways to do so:

1. Eat a healthy balanced diet
2. Maintain a healthy weight
3. Drink less alcohol
4. Quit smoking
5. Say No to any form of Tobaco including Pan and Gutka
6. Do regular exercise. At least, Walking.
7. Protect your skin from sun damage
9. Cervical smear tests for women every 3-5 years
9. Breast examination for signs of lumps, dimples or puckering
10. Last but not the least, in case of any lump or doubtful mass, consult an Oncologist without delay.
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