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Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet

Manufacturer: Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Medicine composition: Clotrimazole
Prescription vs.OTC: Prescription by Doctor required

Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is an anti-fungal medication used to treat vaginal and skin yeast or fungal infections, rashes, oral thrush, athlete’s foot, jock itch, ring worm etc. It can be either taken orally as a medicine or can be applied as an ointment to the skin.

Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet prevents yeast and fungi to produce ergosterol, an essential component to form their cell membrane. It causes holes to develop on the cells and result in cell contents to leak, thereby weakening the cell membrane and finally leading to death of the micro-organism.

Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, patients under herbal or antibiotic medication or dietary supplements and allergic to any food or other substance should be very careful before starting to take Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet.

Cans Lb Vaginal Tabletis an anti-fungal medication used to treat yeast and fungal infections of the vagina, the mouth and the skin. It is also used for treating oral thrush, ringworm, player’s foot, jock itch etc. Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet limits the production of ergosterol which is an important component of fungal cell membrane. Disruption in its production leads to development of holes in the membrane and leakage of cell component, therefore resulting in the death of the bacteria.

It can be applied as ointment, powder or lotion. It also comes in the form of lozenges. For treating vaginal infection tablets and creams are available.

Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet should not be used on our own without doctor’s advice. Keep your doctor informed about your medical history and any other present medications before starting this Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet.

  • 1. Pregnant women or those who are planning to conceive, breast feeding mothers, patients under herbal medication, have liver disease, have immune system related problems, HIV, AIDS affected, allergic persons to certain medicinal components or food should practice extra caution before starting Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet.
  • 2. Vaginal tablets should not be swallowed instead should be inserted into it with an applicator.
  • 3. If you’re applying Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet for vaginal infection, then sexual intercourse should be avoided within 72 hours of its usage. Certain ingredients in it are abrasive that may cause bursting of condoms.
  • 4. Check the chemical components of the Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet cream and don’t use it in case you are allergic to any of the component.

Side effects: Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet may cause several mild to severe side effects. Symptoms include rashes, urticarial, breathing difficulty, tightness in chest, blistering, itching of skin, burning sensation at the time of application etc.

It can also cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, fever, foul smelling vaginal discharge etc. Safety Precautions:

  • 1. Don’t stop using Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet without completing the entire prescribed course. If it is stopped in between then the infection may recur. Also the fungus causing infections become less sensitive towards Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet and other similar medicines that may make the situation worse.
  • 2. It is for external use only. So be very careful while using it.
  • 3. Store Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet at a temperature between 15-30 degree Celsius, away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep it out of reach from your children and pets.
  • 4. Consult your doctor immediately in case your situation don’t get better even after using Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet.
    Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is used for the treatment of symptoms of Schizophrenia.
    Bipolar Mania
    Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is used for acute relief from Manic episodes associated with Bipolar Disorder.
    Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is used in combination with other drugs to treat depression associated with Bipolar Disorder.
    Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is used to treat moderate to severe agitation associated with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.
    In addition to its intended effect, Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet may cause some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you must seek medical attention immediately. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects. Please inform your doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to the medication.
    Orthostatic Hypotension Moderate Common
    Weight gain Major Common
    Headache Major Less Common
    Sleepiness Moderate Common
    Increase in body fat and cholesterol Moderate Common
    Dizziness Moderate Common
    Uncontrolled muscle movements Moderate Less Common
    Chest pain Major Less Common
    Dry mouth Moderate Common
    Running nose and cough Moderate Less Common
    Loss of libido Moderate Rare
    Change in personality Major Rare
    How long is the duration of effect?
    The effect of this medication is cumulative and the oral form stays in the body for 21 to 54 hours while the extended release form stays for 30 days.
    What is the onset of action?
    The peak effect of Olanzapine (which is the main constituent of Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet) can be observed after 5-8 hours of oral administration. Upon intramuscular injection, the effect can be observed after 15-45 minutes. The extended release forms tend to take longer than the other forms.
    Are there any pregnancy warnings?
    Use of this medicine is not recommended during pregnancy as it can cause developmental defects in the newborn. Since there is a lack of conclusive evidence from human studies, consult your doctor if you are pregnant. All the potential benefits and risks should be considered before taking this medicine.
    Is it habit forming?
    No habit forming tendencies were reported. However, patients with a history of drug abuse should be monitored closely for misuse.
    Are there any breast-feeding warnings?
    Use of this medicine is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers as it is excreted via breast milk. Though the effects are not ascertained, it is recommended to consult your doctor before taking the medicine. Close monitoring of symptoms in infants might be required in some cases.
    Are there any missed dose instructions?
    Contact your doctor immediately if you have missed a scheduled dose. One should avoid taking the missed dose without consulting your doctor.
    Are there any overdose instructions?
    Contact a doctor immediately if an overdose of this medicine is suspected. An overdose with Olanzapine requires immediate supportive measures like airway clearance, gastric lavage etc. Since treatment is symptom based, it is advised that the patient is kept under supervision in a medical facility with regular monitoring.
    United States
    Whenever you take more than one medicine, or mix it with certain foods or beverages, you're at risk of a drug interaction.
    Interaction with Disease
    Dementia Major
    Use of Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is not recommended in treating Psychosis related to Dementia especially in the elderly. Any dementia-related incidence should be reported to the Doctor.
    Central Nervous System Depression Major
    Use of Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is not recommended if the patient is in a coma and has severe Central Nervous System Depression. Symptoms like decreased rate of breathing and decreased heart beat rate should be reported immediately.
    Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) Major
    Use of Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is not recommended if the patient suffers from Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Introduction or reintroduction of this medicine should be done with caution in patients having a known history of this syndrome.
    Tardive Dyskinesia Major
    Use of Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is not recommended in patients with active Tardive Dyskinesia. Women and elderly patients are more likely to develop or exacerbate the symptoms on prolonged consumption of this medicine. The medicine should be withdrawn if symptoms like uncontrolled movements of tongue, mouth, lips, jaws etc are experienced during therapy with this medicine. Suitable alternatives can be prescribed in such cases.
    Seizure disorders Moderate
    Use of Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet is not recommended in patients having a known history of seizure attacks. The medicine should be administered with extreme caution in such cases.
    Diabetes Moderate
    Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet should be administered with caution in patients having Diabetes or are exposed to the risk factors. Proper monitoring of blood glucose levels is necessary in such cases.
    Interaction with Alcohol
    Ethanol Moderate
    Use of Alcohol is not recommended while you are taking Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet. Any activity requiring high level of mental alertness should be avoided and symptoms like mental confusion, drowsiness should be reported to the doctor immediately.
    Interaction with Lab Test
    Information not available.
    Interaction with Food
    Information not available.
    Interaction with Medicine
    Diazepam Major
    Report the usage of either of the medication to the doctor. Dosage adjustments and safety monitoring might be required in such cases. Signs and symptoms like decreased blood pressure, shallow breathing, muscle weakness should be reported immediately. Do not stop the usage of any medication without consulting your doctor.
    Tramadol Major
    Report the usage of either of the medications to the doctor. Any past incidence of seizures, alcohol or drug withdrawal, brain tumor, trauma etc should be reported to the doctor. Dose adjustments and safety monitoring are required in such cases. Avoid operating heavy machinery and driving until the effects of this medication is ascertained.
    Acarbose Moderate
    Report the usage of either of the medications to the doctor. Dosage adjustments and blood sugar level monitoring may be required in such cases. Do not stop the usage of any medication without consulting your doctor.
    Amlodipine Moderate
    Report the usage of either of the medication to the doctor. If side effects like headaches, dizziness, fainting, and change in heart rate persist for a long time, then contact your doctor immediately. Any work requiring a high level of mental alertness should be avoided while taking these medicines.
    Atropine Moderate
    Report the usage of either of the medicine to the doctor. Side effects like drowsiness, flushing, stomach cramps, constipation, memory problems, confusion etc should be reported promptly. Do not stop the usage of any medicine without consulting your doctor.
    Cetirizine Moderate
    Report the usage of either of the medicine to the doctor. Side effects like drowsiness, flushing, memory problems, mental confusion etc should be reported promptly. Avoid work that requires higher mental alertness. Do not stop the usage of any medicine without consulting your doctor.
    What are you using Cans Lb Vaginal Tablet for?
    Disclaimer: The information produced here is best of our knowledge and experience and we have tried our best to make it as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we would like to request that it should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

    Lybrate is a medium to provide our audience with the common information on medicines and does not guarantee its accuracy or exhaustiveness. Even if there is no mention of a warning for any drug or combination, it never means that we are claiming that the drug or combination is safe for consumption without any proper consultation with an expert.

    Lybrate does not take responsibility for any aspect of medicines or treatments. If you have any doubts about your medication, we strongly recommend you to see a doctor immediately.

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    MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
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    I am 19 years old. I used to pickup heavy water cans. Now my lower back pains and pain is more at morning. There is a...
    avoid heavy weight and toward bending. tk rest and muscle relaxant medicine . do hot fermentation. avoid exercise. if it work then OK otherwise physiotherapy treatment must

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    He is seriously addicted to these games and needs help to get out of this habit. There is nothing wrong with these modern gadgets and the tremendous uses they can be put in to. But to be completely absorbed in the activity without concern for food, sleep, studies and social contact is going beyond the limit. It is become both compulsive and obsessive. When giving him the mobile you should also have brought in some basic rules and conditions. If he failed to comply, you could easily confiscate the item. Now however he is much into it and will react with violence or non-compliance with refusal to study and go to college etc. Anyway, that is now spilt milk. Here is what you need to do: first, talk to him in a caring manner to dissuade him from this extensive use of the phone for games. Then, threaten to withdraw the mobile phone, if he doesn? t follow some timings, proper eating habits, going to school, and sleeping at night. If he complies, well and good. If not, threaten to stop payment for his mobile bills. If that does not work, then just take away the phone and give it to him at set times during the day, only. When I say? threaten, you must then act on that threat and actually do it. Then, you could completely confiscate the phone. Do not give him any pocket money either, as that will feed into the addiction: he can go and play at some computer caf?, though that might at least restrict the night usage. Another way is to subtly give him some chores for the family and take him away from the phone for brief moments. You could also send him to a relative in a remote place, if you have someone there, and take the phone away from him during that trip. The more aggressive way to go about it is to dip the phone in water and quietly put it back after wiping it and thus making it defunct. Sometimes, you will need to do it this way, unfortunately, to somehow get him to stop the habit. Waiting for him to initiate it may never happen. The last option is to wait for him to get to a stage where he develops finger injuries or other sleep and food deprivation problems that will force him to want to give up the habit. The wait could be for a long time, but we have to be patient. If at any point he acts violent or threatens violence, you must tell him that you will report him to the police. This is tough love, and needs this kind of approach to halt the progress of a disease that has become out of control.
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    I am suffering from balanitis. Now I am using clotrimazole cream how many days it take to cure?

    BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Psychologist, Palakkad
    I am suffering from balanitis. Now I am using clotrimazole cream how many days it take to cure?
    Balanitis is most common in uncircumcised men. Causes include skin disorders, infection, poor hygiene, uncontrolled diabetes and harsh soaps. Symptoms include pain, redness and a foul-smelling discharge from under the foreskin. Treatment depends on the cause, but may require antibiotics, steroid creams or antifungal creams. In extreme cases, the foreskin may need to be removed (circumcision).

    Why shouldn't I use over-the-counter clotrimazole cream or pessary for thrush too often?

    Gynaecologist, Delhi
    Why shouldn't I use over-the-counter clotrimazole cream or pessary for thrush too often?
    Because it may not be thrush or if it is recurring so often you must take defintive second line treatment.

    Hello, I have vaginal itching problem probably because of change of soap Can I apply clotrimazole. Please guide me.

    DGO, MD, MRCOG, CCST, Accredation in Colposcopy
    Gynaecologist, Kolkata
    I would advice you not to use any soap locally as it disturbs the vaginal pH. Instead use lactacyd vaginal wash daily before bath. You can use clotrimazole and see if it helps as well

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    Fungal Care In Summer

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    Fungal Care In Summer
    1. Use loose cotton wear especially white colour.
    2. Use anti fungal power (like clotrimazole/fluconazole/itraconazole) on fungle area daily or alternatively.
    3. Avoid oily, spicy, salted food as well fast food.
    4. Consult your doctor if treated fungal is recurring/again starting.
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    1 aceclofenac + paracetamol + rabeprazole
    2 nimesulide + diclofenac
    3 nimesulide + cetirizine + caffeine
    4 nimesulide + tizanidine
    5 paracetamol + cetirizine + caffeine
    6 diclofenac + tramadol + chlorzoxazone
    7 dicyclomine + paracetamol + domperidone
    8 nimesulide + paracetamol
    9 paracetamol + phenylephrine + caffeine
    10 diclofenac+ tramadol + paracetamol
    11 diclofenac + paracetamol + chlorzoxazone + famotidine
    12 naproxen + paracetamol
    13 nimesulide + serratiopeptidase
    14 paracetamol + diclofenac + famotidine
    15 nimesulide + pifofenone + fenpiverinium + benzyl alcohol
    16 omeprazole + paracetamol + diclofenac
    17 nimesulide + paracetamol injection
    18 tamsulosin + diclofenac
    19 paracetamol + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine + dextromethorphan + caffeine
    20 diclofenac + zinc carnosine
    21 diclofenac + paracetamol + chlorpheniramine maleate + magnesium trisillicate
    22 paracetamol + pseudoephedrine + cetrizine
    23 phenylbutazone + sodium salicylate
    24 lornoxicam + paracetamol + trypsin
    25 paracetamol + mefenamic acid + ranitidine + dicylomine
    26 nimesulide + dicyclomine
    27 heparin + diclofenac
    28 glucosamine + methyl sulfonyl methane + vitamini d3 + maganese + boron + copper + zinc
    29 paracetamol + tapentadol
    30 tranexamic acid + proanthocyanidin
    31 benzoxonium chloride + lidocaine
    32 lornoxicam + paracetamol + tramadol
    33 lornoxicam + paracetamol + serratiopeptidase
    34 diclofenac + paracetamol + magnesium trisilicate
    35 paracetamol + domperidone + caffeine
    36 ammonium chloride + sodium citrate + chlorpheniramine maleate + menthol
    37 paracetamol + prochlorperazine maleate
    38 serratiopeptidase (enteric coated 20000 units) + diclofenac potassium & 2 tablets of doxycycline
    39 nimesulide + paracetamol suspension
    40 aceclofenac + paracetamol + famotidine
    41 aceclofenac + zinc carnosine
    42 paracetamol + disodium hydrogen citrate + caffeine
    43 paracetamol + dl methionine
    44 disodium hydrogen citrate + paracetamol
    45 paracetamol + caffeine + codeine
    46 aceclofenac (sr) + paracetamol
    47 diclofenac + paracetamol injection
    48 azithromycin + cefixime
    49 amoxicillin + dicloxacillin
    50 amoxicillin 250 mg + potassium clavulanate diluted 62.5 mg
    51 azithromycin + levofloxacin
    52 cefixime + linezolid
    53 amoxicillin + cefixime + potassium clavulanic acid
    54 ofloxacin + nitazoxanide
    55 cefpodoxime proxetil + levofloxacin
    56 azithromycin, secnidazole and fluconazole kit
    57 levofloxacin + ornidazole + alpha tocopherol acetate
    58 nimorazole + ofloxacin
    59 azithromycin + ofloxacin
    60 amoxycillin + tinidazole
    61 doxycycline + serratiopeptidase
    62 cefixime + levofloxacin
    63 ofloxacin + metronidazole + zinc acetate
    64 diphenoxylate + atropine + furazolidonee
    65 fluconazole tablet, azithromycin tablet and ornidazole tablets
    66 ciprofloxacin + phenazopyridine
    67 amoxycillin + dicloxacillin + serratiopeptidase
    68 azithromycin + cefpodoxime
    69 lignocaine + clotrimazole + ofloxacin + beclomethasone
    70 cefuroxime + linezolid
    71 ofloxacin + ornidazole + zinc bisglycinate
    72 metronidazole + norfloxacin
    73 amoxicillin + bromhexine
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    75 metronidazole + tetracycline
    76 cephalexin + neomycin + prednisolone
    77 azithromycin + ambroxol
    78 cilnidipine + metoprolol succinate + metoprolol tartrate
    79 l-arginine + sildenafil
    80 atorvastatin + vitamin d3 + folic acid + vitamin b12 + pyridoxine
    81 metformin + atorvastatin
    82 clindamycin + telmisartan
    83 olmesartan + hydrochlorothiazide + chlorthalidone
    84 l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate calcium + escitalopram
    85 pholcodine + promethazine
    86 paracetamol + promethazine
    87 betahistine + ginkgo biloba extract + vinpocetine + piracetam
    88 cetirizine + diethyl carbamazine
    89 doxylamine + pyridoxine + mefenamic acid + paracetamol
    90 drotaverine + clidinium + chlordiazepoxide
    91 imipramine + diazepam
    92 flupentixol + escitalopram
    93 paracetamol + prochloperazine
    94 gabapentin + mecobalamin + pyridoxine + thiamine
    95 imipramine + chlordiazepoxide + trifluoperazine + trihexyphenidyl
    96 chlorpromazine + trihexyphenidyl
    97 ursodeoxycholic acid + silymarin
    98 metformin 1000/1000/500/500mg + pioglitazone 7.5/7.5/7.5/7.5mg + glimepiride
    99 gliclazide 80 mg + metformin 325 mg
    100 voglibose+ metformin + chromium picolinate
    101 pioglitazone 7.5/7.5mg + metformin 500/1000mg
    102 glimepiride 1mg/2mg/3mg + pioglitazone 15mg/15mg/15mg + metformin 1000mg/1000mg/1000mg
    103 glimepiride 1mg/2mg+ pioglitazone 15mg/15mg + metformin 850mg/850mg
    104 metformin 850mg + pioglitazone 7.5 mg + glimepiride 2mg
    105 metformin 850mg + pioglitazone 7.5 mg + glimepiride 1mg
    106 metformin 500mg/500mg+gliclazide sr 30mg/60mg + pioglitazone 7.5mg/7.5mg
    107 voglibose + pioglitazone + metformin
    108 metformin + bromocriptine
    109 metformin + glimepiride + methylcobalamin
    110 pioglitazone 30 mg + metformin 500 mg
    111 glimepiride + pioglitazone + metformin
    112 glipizide 2.5mg + metformin 400 mg
    113 pioglitazone 15mg + metformin 850 mg
    114 metformin er + gliclazide Mr. + voglibose
    115 chromium polynicotinate + metformin
    116 metformin + gliclazide + piogllitazone + chromium polynicotinate
    117 metformin + gliclazide + chromium polynicotinate
    118 glibenclamide + metformin (sr)+ pioglitazone
    119 metformin (sustainded release) 500mg + pioglitazone 15 mg + glimepiride 3mg
    120 metformin (sr) 500mg + pioglitazone 5mg
    121 chloramphenicol + beclomethasone + clomitrimazole + lignocaine
    122 of clotrimazole + ofloxaxin + lignocaine + glycerine and propylene glycol
    123 chloramphennicol + lignocaine + betamethasone + clotrimazole + ofloxacin + antipyrine
    124 ofloxacin + clotrimazole + betamethasone + lignocaine
    125 gentamicin sulphate + clotrimazole + betamethasone + lignocaine
    126 clotrimazole + beclomethasone + ofloxacin + lignocaine
    127 becloemthasone + clotrimazole + chloramphenicol + gentamycin + lignocaine ear
    128 flunarizine + paracetamole + domperidone
    129 rabeprazole + zinc carnosine
    130 magaldrate + famotidine + simethicone
    131 cyproheptadine + thiamine
    132 magaldrate + ranitidine + pancreatin + domperidone
    133 ranitidine + magaldrate + simethicone
    134 magaldrate + papain + fungul diastase + simethicone
    135 rabeprazole + zinc + domperidone
    136 famotidine + oxytacaine + magaldrate
    137 ranitidine + domperidone + simethicone
    138 alginic acid + sodium bicarbonate + dried aluminium hydroxide + magnesium hydroxide
    139 clidinium + paracetamol + dicyclomine + activated dimethicone
    140 furazolidone + metronidazole + loperamide
    141 rabeprazole + diclofenac + paracetamol
    142 ranitidine + magaldrate
    143 norfloxacin+ metronidazole + zinc acetate
    144 zinc carnosine + oxetacaine
    145 oxetacaine + magaldrate + famotidine
    146 pantoprazole (as enteric coated tablet) + zinc carnosine (as film coated tablets)
    147 zinc carnosine + magnesium hydroxide + dried aluminium hydroxide + simethicone
    148 zinc carnosine + sucralfate
    149 mebeverine & inner hpmc capsule (streptococcus faecalis + clostridium butyricum + bacillus
    Mesentricus + lactic acid bacillus)
    150 clindamycin + clotrimazole + lactic acid bacillus

    151 sildenafil + estradiol valerate
    152 clomifene citrate + ubidecarenone + zinc + folic acid + methylcobalamin + pyridoxine + lycopene
    + selenium + levocarnitine tartrate + l-arginine
    153 thyroxine + pyridoxine + folic acid
    154 gentamycin + dexamethasone + chloramphenicol + tobramycin + ofloxacin
    155 dextromethorphan + levocetirizine + phenylephrine + zinc
    156 nimesulide + loratadine + phenylephrine + ambroxol
    157 bromhexine + phenylephrine + chlorepheniramine maleate
    158 dextromethorphan + bromhexine + guaiphenesin
    159 paracetamol + loratadine + phenylephrine + dextromethorphan + caffeine
    160 nimesulide + phenylephrine + caffeine + levocetirizine
    161 azithromycin + acebrophylline
    162 diphenhydramine + terpine + ammonium chloride + sodium chloride + menthol
    163 nimesulide + paracetamol + cetirizine + phenylephrine
    164 paracetamol + loratadine + dextromethophan + pseudoepheridine + caffeine
    165 chlorpheniramine maleate + dextromethorphan + dextromethophan + guaiphenesin + ammonium
    Chloride + menthol
    166 chlorpheniramine maleate + ammonium chloride + sodium citrate
    167 cetirizine + phenylephrine + paracetamol + zinc gluconate
    168 ambroxol
    + guaiphenesin + ammonium chloride + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine maleate + menthol
    169 dextromethorphen + bromhexine + chlorpheniramine maleate + guaiphenesin
    170 levocetirizine + ambroxol + phenylephrine + guaiphenesin
    171 dextromethorphan + chlorpheniramine + chlorpheniramine maleate 
    172 cetirizine + ambroxol + guaiphenesin + ammonium chloride + phenylephrine +
    173 hlorpheniramine + phenylephrine + caffeine
    174 dextromethorphan + triprolidine + phenylephrine
    175 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + zinc gluconate + menthol
    176 chlorpheniramine + codeine + sodium citrate + menthol syrup
    177 enrofloxacin + bromhexin
    178 bromhexine + dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + menthol
    179 levofloxacin + bromhexine
    180 levocetirizine + phenylephrine + ambroxol + guaiphenesin + paracetamol
    181 cetirizine + dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + zinc gluconate + paracetamol + menthol
    182 paracetamol + pseudoephedrine + dextromethorphan+cetirizine
    183 diphenhydramine + guaiphenesin + ammonium chloride + bromhexine
    184 chlorpheniramine + dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + paracetamol
    185 dextromethorphen + promethazine
    186 diethylcabamazine citrate + cetirizine + guaiphenesin
    187 chlorpheniramine + phenylephrine + dextromethophan + menthol
    188 ambroxol + terbutaline + dextromethorphan
    189 dextromethorphan + chlorpheniramine + guaiphenesin
    190 terbutaline + bromhexine + guaiphenesin + dextromethorphan
    191 dextromethorphan + tripolidine + phenylephirine
    192 paracetamol + dextromethorphan + chlorpheniramine
    193 codeine + levocetirizine + menthol
    194 dextromethorphan + ambroxol + guaifenesin + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine
    195 cetirizine + phenylephrine + dextromethorphan + menthol
    196 roxithromycin + serratiopeptidase
    197 paracetamol + phenylephrine + triprolidine
    198 cetirizine + acetaminophen + dextromethorphan + phenyephrine + zinc gluconate 
    199 diphenhydramine + guaifenesin + bromhexine + ammonium chloride + menthol
    200 chlopheniramine maleate + codeine syrup
    201 cetirizine + dextromethorphan + zinc gluconate + menthol
    202 paracetamol + phenylephrine + desloratadine + zinc gluconate + ambroxol
    203 levocetirizine + montelukast + acebrophylline
    204 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + ammonium chloride + menthol
    205 acrivastine + paracetamol + caffeine + phenylephrine
    206 naphazoline + carboxy methyl cellulose + menthol + camphor + phenylephrine
    207 dextromethorphan + cetirizine
    208 nimesulide + paracetamol + levocetirizine + phenylephrine + caffeine
    209 terbutaline + ambroxol + guaiphenesin + zinc + menthol
    210 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + guaifenesin + triprolidine
    211 ammomium chloride + bromhexine + dextromethorphan 
    212 diethylcarbamazine + cetirizine + ambroxol
    213 ethylmorphine + noscapine + chlorpheniramine
    214 cetirizine + dextromethorphan + ambroxol
    215 ambroxol + guaifenesin + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine
    216 paracetamol + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine + zinc gluconate
    217 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + cetirizine + paracetamol + caffeine
    218 dextromethophan + chlorpheniramine + guaifenesin + ammonium chloride
    219 levocetirizine + dextromethorphan + zinc
    220 paracetamol + phenylephrine + levocetirizine + caffeine
    221 chlorphaniramine + ammonium chloride + sodium chloride
    222 paracetamol + dextromethorphan + bromhexine + phenylephrine + diphenhydramine
    223 salbutamol + bromhexine + guaiphenesin + menthol
    224 cetirizine + dextromethorphan + bromhexine + guaifenesin
    225 diethyl carbamazine + chlorpheniramine + guaifenesin
    226 ketotifen + cetirizine
    227 terbutaline + bromhexine + etofylline
    228 ketotifen + theophylline
    229 ambroxol + salbutamol + theophylline
    230 cetririzine + nimesulide + phenylephrine
    231 chlorpheniramine + phenylephrine + paracetamol + zink gluconate
    232 acetaminophen + guaifenesin + dextromethorphan + chlorpheniramine
    233 cetirizine + dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + tulsi
    234 cetirizine + phenylephrine + paracetamol + ambroxol + caffeine
    235 guaifenesin + dextromethorphan
    236 levocetirizine + paracetamol + phenylephirine + caffeine
    237 caffeine + paracetamol + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine
    238 levocetirizine + paracetamol + phenylephirine + caffeine
    239 caffeine + paracetamol + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine
    240 ketotifen + levocetrizine
    241 paracetamol + levocetirizine + phenylephirine + zink gluconate
    242 paracetamol + phenylephrine + triprolidine + caffeine
    243 caffeine + paracetamol + phenylephrine + cetirizine
    244 caffeine + paracetamol + chlorpheniramine
    245 ammonium chloride + dextromethorphan + cetirizine + menthol
    246 dextromethorphan + paracetamol + cetirizine + phenylephrine
    247 chlorpheniramine + terpin + antimony potassium tartrate + ammonium chloride + sodium
    Citrate + menthol
    248 terbutaline + etofylline + ambroxol
    249 paracetamol + codeine + chlorpheniramine
    250 paracetamol+pseudoephedrine+certirizine+caffeine
    251 chlorpheniramine+ammonium chloride + menthol
    252 n-acetyl cysteine + ambroxol + phenylephrine + levocertirizine
    253 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + tripolidine + menthol
    254 salbutamol + certirizine + ambroxol
    255 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + bromhexine + guaifenesin + chlorpheniramine
    256 nimesulide + certirizine + phenylephrine
    257 naphazoline + chlorpheniramine + zinc sulphate + boric acid + sodium chloride + chlorobutol
    258 paracetamol + bromhexine + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine + guaifenesin
    259 salbutamol + bromhexine
    260 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + guaifenesin + certirizine + acetaminophen
    261 guaifenesin + bromhexine + chlorpheniramine + paracetamo
    262 chlorpheniramine + ammonium chloride + chloroform + menthol
    263 salbutamol + choline theophylinate + ambroxol
    264 chlorpheniramine + codeine phosphate + menthol syrup
    265 pseudoephedrine + bromhexine
    266 certirizine + phenylephrine + paracetamol + caffeine + nimesulide
    267 dextromethorphan + cetirizine + guaifenesin + ammonium chloride
    268 dextromethorphan + cetirizine + guaifenesin + ammonium chloride
    269 ambroxol + salbutamol + choline theophyllinate + menthol
    270 paracetamol + chlorpheniramine + ambroxol + guaifenesin + phenylephrine
    271 chlorpheniramine + vasaka + tolubalsm + ammonium chloride + sodium citrate + menthol
    272 bromhexine + cetrizine + phenylephrine ip+guaifenesin + menthol
    273 dextromethorphan + ambroxol + ammonium chloride + chlorpheniramine + menthol
    274 dextromethorphan + phenylephrine + cetirizine + zinc + menthol
    275 terbutaline + n-acetyl l-cysteine + guaifenesin
    276 calcium gluconate + levocetirizine
    277 paracetamol + levocetirizine + pseudoephedrine
    278 salbutamol + choline theophylinate + carbocisteine
    279 chlorpheniramine + vitamin c
    280 calcium gluconate + chlorpheniramine + vitamin c
    281 chlorpheniramine + paracetamol + pseudoephedrine + caffeine
    282 guaifenesin + bromhexine + chlorpheniramine + phenylephrine + paracetamol + serratiopeptidase
    (as enteric coated granules) 10000 sp units
    283 paracetamol + pheniramine
    284 betamethasone + fusidic acid + gentamycin + tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline (ichq
    285 clobetasol + ofloxacin + miconazole + zinc sulphate
    286 clobetasole + gentamicin + miconazole + zinc sulphate
    287 levocetirizine + ambroxol + phenylephrine + paracetamol
    288 permethrin + cetrimide + menthol
    289 beclomethasone + clotimazole + neomycin + lodochlorohydroxyquinone
    290 neomycin + doxycycline
    291 ciprofloxacin + fluocinolone + clotrimazole + neomycin + chlorocresol
    292 clobetasol + ofloxacin + ketoconazol + zinc sulphate
    293 betamethasone + gentamicin + tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline
    294 clobetasol + gentamicin + tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinone + ketoconazole
    295 allantoin + dimethieone + urea + propylene + glycerin + liquid paraffin
    296 acriflavine + thymol + cetrimide
    297 betamethasone + neomycin + tolnaftate + lodochlorohydroxyquinoline + cholorocresol
    298 clobetasol + neomycin + miconazole + clotrimazole
    299 ketoconazole + tea tree oil + allantion + zinc oxide + aloe vera + jojoba oil +
    Lavander oil + soa noodels
    300 clobetasol propionate + ofloxacin + ornidazole + terbinafine
    301 clobetasol + neomycin + miconazole + zinc sulphate
    302 beclomethasone diproprionate + neomycin + tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline +
    303 betamethasone + gentamycin + zinc sulphate + clotrimoazole + chlorocresol
    304 borax + boric acid + naphazoline + menthol + camphor + methyl hydroxy benzoate
    305 bromhexine + dextromethorphan
    306 dextromethophan + chlopheniramine + bromhexine
    307 menthol + anesthetic ether
    308 dextrometharphan + chlopheniramine + ammonium + sodium citrate + menthol
    309 ergotamine tartrate + belladona dry extarct+caffeine + paracetamol
    310 phenytoin + phenobarbitone
    311 gliclazide 40mg + metformin 400mg
    312 paracetamol + ambroxol + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine
    313 oflaxacin + ornidazole suspension
    314 albuterol + etofylline + bromhexine + menthol
    315 albuterol + bromhexine + theophylline
    316 salbutamol+hydroxyethyltheophylline (etofylline) + bromhexine
    317 paracetamol+phenylephrine+levocetirizine+sodium citrate
    318 paracetamol + propyphenazone + caffeine
    319 guaifenesin + diphenhydramine + bromhexine + phenylephrine
    320 dried alumnium hydroxie gel + prophantheline + diazepam
    321 bromhenxine + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine + paracetamol
    322 beclomethasone + clotrimazole + gentamicin + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline
    323 telmisartan + metformin
    324 ammonium citrate + vitamin b 12 + folic acid + zinc sulphate
    325 levothyroxine + phyridoxine + nicotinamide
    326 benfotiamine + metformin
    327 thyroid + thiamine + riboflavin + phyridoxine + calcium pantothenate + tocopheryl acetate +
    328 ascorbic acid + manadione sodium bisulphate + rutin + dibasic calcium phosphate +
    Adrenochrome mono semicarbazone
    329 phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine + paracetamol + bromhexine + caffeine
    330 clotrimazole + beclomethasone + lignocaine + ofloxacin + acetic aicd + sodium methyl paraben +
    Propyl paraben

    Avoid this combinations and be safe.

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    Dermatophytosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

    MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, Cosmetologist
    Dermatologist, Chandigarh
    Dermatophytosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

    When skin is infected by a fungus, the resultant infection is called tinea corporis (ringworm). It is most common in athletes and children. The infection may appear on the scalp, beards, groin, in between the toes and other places.


    Tinea corporis can be caused by:
    1. Skin contact
    2. It is contagious, so if you use towels, bed linens and clothes of an infected person, you will get infected too.
    3. Touching a pet infected by tinea corporis.

    Signs and Symptoms:
    1. The rash starts as a scant area of red, bumpy pimples and spots. Then the rash forms a ring, with raised, red borders and a clear middle. The border might look scaly.
    2. The rash may show up on face, legs, arms or other body areas which are exposed.
    3. The area feels itchy. It might also be flaky and dry. You might even experience hair loss in the infected area.

    The skin in the area will be gently scraped off and the sample will be collected. Then, the sample will be viewed under a microscope. That will help discerning, which type of fungus is causing the infection.


    The following treatment regime must be followed:

    1. The skin must be kept dry and clean.
    2. Fungal creams are best. Creams that contain miconazole, ketoconazole, clotrimazole or oxiconazole are excellent for fungal infections.
    3. Only apply the cream on clean skin. You can use it twice in a day. Bandaging the infected area is not recommended.
    4. To prevent the infection from spreading, wash your towels in warm water and use clean towels every time you bathe. Also, clean the bathroom and wear freshly washed clothes.
    5. If pets are infected, treat them as well.

    The infection usually goes away under 4 weeks. The infection may branch out to the nails, groin, scalp and feet. Self-care is effective, but if symptoms persist, then do consult a specialist. Ringworms have certain complications, such as scratching the skin too much causes skin infections and other skin disorders, which may need further treatment.

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    Inflammation of The Vagina - Could it be Vaginitis?

    MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Advanced Infertility
    Gynaecologist, Mumbai
    Inflammation of The Vagina - Could it be Vaginitis?

    Vaginitis is the inflammation of one’s vagina accompanied by pain during intercourse, mild vaginal bleeding, painful urination, vaginal itching or a considerable change in the amount, odor and color of the vaginal discharge.
    1. A certain level of bacteria is normally found in one’s vagina (lactobacilli). Now if this count is outnumbered by the other bacteria (anaerobes), the balance in the vagina gets disrupted giving rise to bacterial vaginosis. Such kind of vaginitis usually stems from sexual intercourse with multiple sex partners.
    2. Yeast infection occurs due to an overgrowth of fungal organisms in one’s vagina, especially Candida Albicans.
    3. Trichomoniasis caused by the one celled microscopic parasite ‘Trichomonas Vaginalis’ generally spreads through sexual intercourse with an infected partner. The condition also makes one vulnerable to various sexually transmitted infections.
    4. Spermicidal products, scented detergents, perfumed soaps, douches, vaginal sprays or foreign objects such as tampons that were not taken out or tissue paper might trigger allergic reactions or irritation in the vaginal tissues.

    5. Surgical removal of the ovaries or reduced estrogen count after menopause might cause thinning of the vaginal lining, thereby resulting in vaginal burning, dryness or irritation.

    1. For Bacterial vaginosis, your doctor might advise the application of clindamycin cream or metronidazole gel as well as metronidazole tablets which are to be taken orally.
    2. Yeast infections might be treated with an anti-fungal suppository or cream, for instance, tioconazole, butoconazole, clotrimazole or miconazole. Oral medication, such as fluconazole is also administered to treat the same.
    3. Metronidazole or tinidazole tablets are prescribed for Trichomoniasis.
    4. Estrogen in the form of rings, tablets or vaginal creams is effective in treating low estrogen level after menopause.
    5. For non-infectious vaginitis primarily caused by objects, such as tampons, sanitary napkins, laundry detergent or new soap, it is essential to pinpoint the source of the irritation and avoid them. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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    Jock Itch: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

    MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, DNB( Dermatology and Venereology), Clinical Observership in Pediatric Dermatology, Clinical Observer ship in Contact Dermatitis
    Dermatologist, Delhi
    Jock Itch: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

    Jock itch can be defined as a fungal infection affecting the skin, especially around the inner thighs, genitals, buttocks or the groin region. Also called ‘tinea cruris’, this condition triggers irritation that results from the ring-shaped red rashes that primarily affect the warm and moist regions of one’s body. This condition majorly affects people who sweat excessively, such as athletes or even people who are over-weight. Although it is often bothersome and uncomfortable, jock itch doesn’t bring about severe complications for the affected individual. Jock itch can easily be cured by keeping the groin region dry and applying topical anti-fungal medications.


    The main symptoms of Jym itch include itchy and painful rashes in the buttock, inner thigh or the groin region. The rash is usually tan, red or brown in color, slightly scaly and often formed at the edges.


    1. Putting on damp, wet or unlaundered clothing, such as athletic supporter and very tight underwear or wearing them frequently.

    2. Sharing towels that were used by a person suffering from the same condition.

    3. Taking showers irregularly, especially after excessive sweating or exercising.

    4. Living in hot and humid conditions.

    5. Obesity.

    6. Wearing tight clothing.

    7. Immune system disorders.


    1. Anti-fungal creams or lotions can help treat ringworm of the groin. Few examples are Miconazole, Econazole, Clotrimazole and Ketoconazole. These medications should be applied twice a day for about two to four weeks.

    2. In case the eruptions start to ooze fluids or pus, antibiotics may be administered by the doctor.

    General Measures:

    Measures to prevent recurrence of tinea cruris include weight reduction (if obese), wearing less occlusive clothing, drying thoroughly after bathing, using topical antifungal powders, laundering contaminated clothing, and treating concomitant fungal infection of nail of feet, if present.

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