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X-Ray Wrist Both (AP View) Test

X-Ray Wrist Both (AP View) Test

There are various methods of testing an individual for various abnormalities in the body resulting in discomfort. An X-ray is a quick, painless procedure that generates images of the structures inside your body such as bones. An X-ray beam penetrates through your body, and they are absorbed in different amounts depending on the density of the material. It makes use of a small quantity of radiation to create an image of a person's wrist. During the examination, an X-ray machine sends a beam of radiation through the wrist, and an image is recorded on special X-ray film. The X-ray image is black and white. This is used to detect damages caused to the bone and any abnormalities for the same.

It requires no special preparation. You may be asked to remove clothing, jewellery, or any metal objects that might interfere with the image. In case if you’re pregnant, it is recommended to inform the X-ray technician or the doctor. X-rays are generally avoided during pregnancies as the radiation has got the potential to infect the fetus.

As mentioned earlier, Wrist X-ray AP view is used to detect damages caused to the wrist due to fracture, bone damage and etc. Once after receiving the reports, we can deduce what is wrong with the hand. Normal: If your hand has no damages or anomalies, then the result would be normal

You will be asked to enter a special room that will have a table and a large X-ray machine. The technician will position your wrist and then operate the machine. You will be positioned alongside the table Your arm to be x-rayed, if possible is flexed at 90° so the arm and wrist can rest on the table Your hand is placed, palm down on the image receptor. Your shoulder, elbow, and wrist should all be in the transverse plane, perpendicular to the central beam. Your wrist and elbow will be at shoulder height which makes radius and ulna parallel.

Rs 400- Rs.1400

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