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X-Ray Lumbar Spine Left Bending (AP  View) Test

X-Ray Lumbar Spine Left Bending (AP View) Test

There are various methods of testing an individual for various abnormalities in the body resulting in discomfort. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a painless, non-invasive and a secure procedure that utilizes radio waves and energy from strong magnets to generate accurate assessment of your hand.

An upgrade to the normal MRI machine is the 3T MRI. T- Refers to Tesla. 3T MRI has a stronger magnet and captures better images of organs and soft tissue. This is performed to detect any abnormalities and issues in your elbow. The lab report produced after the test will give you a detailed analysis and insight regarding the issue, if present.

You will be made to wear a hospital gown or clothes without metal zippers or jewellery It is recommended to inform your doctor if you are taking any medications for the allergies or underlying conditions as it might cause adverse effects or tamper with the output. It is better to notify the technicians if you’re claustrophobic or have metal implants

As mentioned earlier, the 3T-MRI procedure is used to detect abnormalities and give detailed image slices of your elbow including the hard and soft content. Once the reports are obtained, we can draw certain conclusions to estimate the desired outcome: Normal- Indicates that your elbow is normal Abnormal- It has a wide range of possibilities varying from Abscess, Bursitis of the elbow, broken bone or fracture, Infection in the bone, Ligament, tendon, or cartilage elbow, Muscle damage and etc.

It is recommended to consult the doctor after receiving the report. The final verdict will be given by the doctor after careful analysis and examination of the report and the patient. It will always be the combined output of other symptoms, physical examination, and patient's clinical history.

You will be asked to lie down on the scanning table, feet first with arms at your side. Coils will be placed around your arm or part of your arm. The scanning table will slide your lower body into the magnet. During the scan you will not feel anything, but will hear intermittent humming, thumping, clicking and knocking sounds.

Earplugs will be provided to help mask the noise. In some cases, for better visual and clarity, the physician might inject a dye into your vein to improve the quality of images which might cause a cooling sensation The technician will always be there around to monitor you during the exam which will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.250 to Rs.500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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