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X-Ray Chest Adult Test

X-Ray Chest Adult Test

A chest X-Ray is a procedure performed to get a complete picture of lungs, ribs, heart, and diaphragm. It is a black and white picture which shows the condition of the specific organs. This Chest X-Ray is the most common procedure performed in the X-Ray Department. While performing the X-Ray there is a small exposure to radiation which does not harm the human body. Chest X-Ray is conducted to check the calcium deposits, fracture of ribs, to check the size and outline of a heart, too note down the condition of blood vessels and to observe the condition of blood vessels.

For a Chest- X-Ray you do not need much preparation. You need to have an appointment at the X-Ray center and be there in time. For getting an X-Ray you will be asked to remove your clothes and inner garments such as bra or vest. You are also required to state if you are pregnant. To the more, while getting the Chest X-Ray you should not be wearing any kind of jewelry. If you are wearing any metal it will not give the clear picture and it will be a waste of money to get the X-Ray.

This Chest X-Ray is required to find out certain problems in human body. They are:-

  • To see the functioning of blood vessels.
  • To check out if there is any calcium deposit
  • To check that the ribs are not fractured.
  • To see the size and outline of the heart.
  • To check the condition of the lungs.
  • Find out if there are any heart-related lung problems.
If there is any pacemaker or catheter attached to your body, so to check that chest X-Ray is performed. After surgery of chest, X-Ray is done to see the position and working

You will be first asked to remove all your clothes or any kind of jewelry if you are wearing around your neck. You will be given a gown to wear. After changing clothes, your chest will be pressed towards the film and radiographer positions the X-Ray tube behind you. While doing this you are required to breathe in and hold your breath. This will help to focus and reduce the movement of the film.

Rs 250- Rs 1000

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