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X-Ray Ankle Test

X-Ray Ankle Test

An X-ray of the ankle is often ordered to determine the causative factors behind the same – it could be anything from arthritis to sprained ankle or even a hairline fracture; your current ankle pain could also be associated with chronic disorders like fibromyalgia. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention especially if you experience the following symptoms, Swollen ankle Sharp pain and discomfort when you put weight on the ankle Tenderness Stiffness Extreme pain on close contact with objects inability to run If all of the above sounds similar to what you are experiencing at the moment, then you need to consult your doctor right away.

The ankle is one of the most important bones in your body, it connects the tibia with the talus, your feet and the ankle joint is critical for good mobility. Your doctor would first examine your ankle bone, review your medical history before ordering for an X-ray of the ankle. The X-ray should enable your doctor to get an accurate picture of your ankle and even enable him to diagnose the causative factors behind your current condition. More to the point, a detailed image of the joint and surrounding bone structure should enable your doctor to determine if you are suffering from arthritis since that can cause the joints to swell up. You do not have to undergo any special preparation for the X-ray and the results should be available in a few hours.

The X-ray is often the preferred imaging tool for most injuries and infections, since it is non-invasive and provides a clear image of the various bones. This is why nearly most doctors prefer to get X-rays done as opposed to other forms of imaging, since it enables them to review the images in pristine detail.

The lab technician would ask you to disrobe and wear a hospital gown as well as remove any metal objects that you may be wearing at the moment. He would then position your ankle in different poses so as to take clear images of the bone from various sides. This should enable your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis; if you do indeed have an ankle fracture, your doctor would recommend immediate hospitalization so that you can get effective treatment for the same. If your doctor determines that your current condition is on account of arthritis or an auto-immune disorder, he would prescribe a different course of treatment for the same as well as order additional tests.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.200 to Rs.500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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