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Urobilinogen Test

Urobilinogen Test

The urobilinogen test is used to determine the urobilinogen amount in your urine sample. Urobilinogen is formed due to decrease in bilirubin levels. Bilirubin is a yellowish substance that is found in the liver and assists in breaking red blood cells. A normal person's urine has a particular amount of urobilinogen, but if the amount is little or next to none, this is sign that your liver is not functioning properly. If the urobilinogen amount is too high, this can mean patient is suffering from liver disease like cirrhosis or hepatitis. Urinary urobilinogen is known to increase during the hemolytic process like hemolytic anemia. Comparison of the urinary bilirubin result with the urobilinogen result can help in identifying biliary obstruction, hepatic disease and red cell hemolysis. This test is also known as a urine test, UA, chemical urinalysis and urine analysis.

No specific preparation is required for the test. Yes, if your doctor has prescribed another blood or urine test along, that requires fasting, then you will have to stay from eating and drinking for at least few hours till the test is done. For other tests, if required, your doctor will guide you accordingly.

A urobilinogen test is part of the urine analysis. This test is used to measure the different cells, substances and chemicals that are in a urine sample. In some cases, a urinalysis is just part of routine for verification of your overall health. Other uses can be to monitor the condition of your liver. To be certain your liver is functioning properly. Other ailments can also be diagnosed like: Vomiting and or Nausea Dark color urine Jaundice (a disease that turns the color of your skin and eyes to yellow). Pain and swelling in your abdomen. Itching on the skin.

Your health technician will require to collect your urine sample. The technician will guide you with steps on how to keep the sample sterile. The instructions are known as 'clean catch method' and these are the steps that have to be followed: Clean your hands. Your technician will provide a cleansing pad. Use it to wipe the tip of your penis. Women will have to open the labia and clean going from front to back. Begin to urinate. Carefully take the collection container and collect the sample. Make sure the container has markings. You will require to collect at least one or two ounces of urine. Finish urinating. Return the container with sample to your technician.

Insufficient volume may limit the extent of procedures performed. Metabolites of Pyridium may interfere with the dipstick reactions by producing color interference. High vitamin C intake may cause an underestimate of glucosuria, or a false-negative nitrite test. Survival of WBCs is decreased by low osmolality, alkalinity, and lack of refrigeration.
Urine (random)
Routine urinalysis tube or container, BD urine transport tube, or sterile urine cup
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
0.2 - 1 mg/dl
Average price range of the test is between Rs.30 to Rs.150 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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