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Testicular Marker Profile Test

Testicular Marker Profile Test

It is as Testicular cancer and it is classified as non-germ cell tumors and germ cell tumors of the thesis. The testicular of the germ cell tumors include approx 90 to 95% of all other testicular cancers on the other hand, the testicular of the non-germ cell tumors are generally less than the 10%. The testicular of the germ cell consist of embryonal, carcinoma, seminoma, and teratoma with or without choriocarcinoma, malignant transformation, and a yolk sac tumor also called as embryonal adenocarcinoma or endodermal sinus tumor of the prepubertal testis.

There is no prior preparation is needed for the Testicular Marker Profile test if you are feeling something wrong in your health, having a problem in your body or ii breathing you can consult with the doctor regarding this or something on your stomach then you should go to the doctor for consultation. If you are having allergies or any underlying medical condition or any medication before performing the test then you should follow the instruction given by the expert in that field. It is a very important to keep precaution when you are having Testicular Marker Profile test.

It can be potentially use for the Testicular cancer. It can also be used to figure out the testicular function in the human body. It can be used to measure the toxicants in the testes. It is very useful to know the about cancer by performing the blood test. It can be also used to know about the number of the Sertoli cells per testis in the body.

The test is called Testicular Marker Profile Immunoassay Blood test. It is performed using the Immunoassay method on the blood sample of the patient. The initial work of the test includes a physical test and history, X-Ray of chest and serum levels of hCG, LDH and AFP. The testicular ultrasound is very important tool to confirm the diagnosis of an eliminate concern and intratesticular mass for other scrotal pathology. The normal result of this test is <2.5U/ml for HCG for male gender and for all the other age group is and for the non-pregnant female and other all age group is <5U/ml, for unisex and all age group is <10U/ml

Type Gender Age-Group Value
Testicular Marker
All age groups

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