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RPR (VDRL) for Syphilis Test

RPR (VDRL) for Syphilis Test

also known as: Nontreponemal Test, Rapid Plasma Reagin Test, RPR, STS, Syphilis Serology, RPR Titer

RPR (VDRL) is test for screening syphilis. RPR stands for Rapid Plasma Reagin and the abbreviation VDRL stands for Venereal Disease Research Laboratory which developed this test. The test ascertains if there are antibodies caused die to Syphilis, in the blood of affected person. Syphilis is caused due to infection by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. This test is also useful for confirming the presence of an active infection and also in monitoring the progress of treatment for syphilis. The quantitative measure of the level or titer of antibody measured is used to ascertain this.

This test does not require any specific preparation. The test requires a blood sample from the patient by venipuncture method.. The patient is asked to sit or lie down comfortably. Rubber tubing is tied on the upper arm above elbow to make it easier to locate the veins. The spot is cleaned with an alcohol swab. A needle is inserted and a few ml of blood sample is drawn out. The needle is withdrawn and the puncture spot is pressed with the cotton swab. The syringe causes just a momentary sharp pain which is quite tolerable.

RPR (VDRL) test for screening syphilis is also recommended in the following cases: When a person has been found to be infected with any other STDs. During pregnancy – At the time of first prenatal visit, third trimester and at delivery. When a person has unprotected sex with several partners and one or more partners have tested positive for syphilis. An HIV infected person. When recommended by a medical practitioner. It is also used as a follow-up during the course of treatment of syphilis, and to know when the person is fully cured.

The RPR test gives “rapid” results. The Lab procedure of RPR test involves placing 0.05 ml of blood plasma on the 18mm circle of RPR test card. It is spread to cover the circle. Few drops of antigen suspension is dropped and mixed thoroughly. The card is rotated for 5-8 minutes and the flocculation is observed. If antibodies are present, the agglutinates show as black clumps on the white card. In case of negative result, the test mixture remains uniformly grey.

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibodies
All age groups
Rs 100- Rs 300

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