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Rheumatoid Factor IgM Antibody Test

Rheumatoid Factor IgM Antibody Test

also known as: RF

An autoantibody is known as immunoglobulin M (IgM) protein is produced by the immune system of the body. This autoantibody is known as Rheumatoid Factor. It is abbreviated as RF. Unlike other antibodies in a human body where the antibodies produced help to destroy the bacteria and viruses, Rheumatoid factor on the contrary results in damage when attached to a healthy body tissue. Rheumatoid factor antibody is not present in every human body. This is why the test of Rheumatoid-Factor-IgM-Antibody is essential to know the presence of it in the body of the patient. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused due to persistent inflammation of the joints of the body, destruction of the joint tissues. It is the Rheumatoid-Factor-IgM-Antibody test that aids in the diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis. Through Rheumatoid factor IgM antibody test, the Rheumatoid factor in the blood is measured. Doctors order for a Rheumatoid-Factor-IgM-Antibody test when the patient shows signs of pain, swelling or morning stiffness in the nodules under the skin or joints. The patient may also undergo the test when the x-ray report states loss of cartilage and bone or swollen joint capsules.

It is a simple blood test that is painless and harmless to the body. The consent form for which may not be needed as well. As a mode of precaution, it is suggested that the doctor be aware of the medicines taken by the patient. It is vital for the doctors to know as few of the medicine's components may affect the results of the test. Doctors many a time may ask the patient to refrain from those medicines before the test.

The Rheumatoid-Factor-IgM-Antibody aids in the following cases- Diagnose and treatment in rheumatoid arthritis It aids in distinguishing rheumatoid arthritis from other forms of arthritis. It helps in detecting people with Sjögren syndrome, viral infections, parasitic infection, cancerous growth etc. and thus taking treatment actions on them.

A blood sample is collected by the phlebotomist. The upper arm of the patient is the belt so that the veins seen are more extensive and more transparent. A new needle that must be unwrapped in front of the patient is done. A tube is attached to the needle, and the needle is injected into the vein in the arm. The blood is collected in the attached tube that is pre-labeled by the patient's name. The belt is removed to make the blood flow through the body. The collected bottled blood is then sent to the research laboratory for further examination.

plasma or serum
3ml light green top
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Rheumatoid Factor IgM Antibody
All age groups

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