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Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary Function Test

The pulmonary function test is also known as spirometry or lung function tests. This test is administered for a complete evaluation of the respiratory system including the physical examinations, chest x-ray examinations, arterial blood gas analysis, etc. This includes testing how well the person is able to breathe and how effective the working of the lungs is to be able to bring oxygen to the rest of the body. This could be ordered as a routine test or if the person exhibits symptoms of lung problems.

If the person taking the test is on any medication that opens up the airways such as those used for asthma or bronchitis, the person should inform the doctor or healthcare professional about it. They will further advice them if required to stop the medication before the test. Pain medications may also affect the results of the test, so the person is advised to inform their doctor about any over the counter or prescription pain medications that they are taking. Also, the person should not eat a large meal leading to a full stomach, as it may affect results. Caffeine and strenuous exercise is also discouraged. Also, the person should wear loose fitting clothing which will not obstruct their breathing.

The tests will determine the working of the person’s lungs, or if the person has already been diagnosed with a lung condition, the results will be used to see if the condition is progressing or how it is responding to the treatment. This test which has several components is useful to diagnose and track these conditions: Chronic bronchitis, Asthma , Respiratory infections, Bronchiectasis, a condition in which the airways in the lungs stretch and widen Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is also previously known as emphysema. And other related conditions and diseases regarding the respiratory system overall.

This test has several components. The x-rays are done in a special room using an x-ray imaging machine. A spirometry is a test which measures the amount of air the person breathes in and out. For this, a mouthpiece is fitted and it is important that it fits snugly. A nose clip will also be given the ensure the person does not breathe air out of the nose. A tracer gas may be given to breathe in once so that the machine can track when the person breathes out the gas.

Type Gender Age-Group Value
Pulmonary Function Test
All age groups
Rs 290- Rs 2000

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