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MRI Scan - Brain With Perfussion Test

MRI Scan - Brain With Perfussion Test

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a clinical tool to evaluate brain anatomy and to detect various CNS (Central nervous system) abnormalities like tumors, infections, degenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer's disease) etc. Perfusion refers to the passage of fluid through the circulatory system or lymphatic system to an organ or a tissue. Perfusion MRI is important in assessment of above mentioned diseases and to provide required diagnosis to the patient on time. Potential applications include the evaluation of tissue at risk. This technique have great potential in becoming important clinical tools in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cerebrovascular disease and other brain disorders.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head is a painless, noninvasive test that produces detailed images of your brain and brainstem. An MRI machine creates the images using a magnetic field and radio waves.Like: You can eat and drink normally unless, instructed otherwise Take usual medicines unless, instructed otherwise. Change into a gown given at the lab Remove any such materials that might affect magnetic imaging like jewellery, eyeglasses, underwire bras, watches, wigs etc. During this test, you may need to carry out small tasks, such as answering basic questions or tapping your thumb with your fingertips.

Tracking these increase in oxygen and blood supply, can show which are areas of your brains are more active and which are not. This helps in diagnosing any abnormality. It detects various diseases and neuro disorders like tumor, infections and some cerebrovascular diseases. It help diagnose a stroke or blood vessel problems in the head. Problems with blood vessels may include an aneurysm or abnormal twisted blood vessels that are present at birth.It checks blood flow or blood clots in the brain. It determines whether you sustained any damage from a stroke or head injury.

MRI scanner is like a short cylinder that is opened from both ends. During the exam, radio waves manipulate the magnetic position of the atoms of the body, which are picked up by a powerful antenna and sent to a computer. The computer performs millions of calculations, resulting in clear, cross-sectional black and white images of the body. These images can be converted into three-dimensional (3-D) pictures. This helps pinpoint problems in the brain and the brain stem when the scan focuses on those areas. Some centers have open MRI machines that have larger openings and are helpful for patients with claustrophobia.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.1000 to Rs.24000 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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