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MRI Scan - Brain With CVJ Test

MRI Scan - Brain With CVJ Test

Anomalies of the CVJ (craniovertebral conjunction) may be congenital or acquired.It is a junction and a transition zone between a mobile cranium & spinal column. Brain MRI shows the presence of a very rare complex CVJ malformation. Clinical findings may include muscle weakness, respiratory insufficiency, vascular abnormalities, low bone mineral density and higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Some of the anomalies of the CVJ are: Trauma to the bones or the supporting ligaments of the CVJ, Inflammatory (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis), and Genetic syndromes like Down syndrome.

The doctor may want to know if you’re allergic to anything, are pregnant or would like to know about your normal health conditions. You can eat, drink and take medications normally unless, instructed otherwise Change into a gown given at the lab Remove any such materials that might affect magnetic imaging like jewellery, eyeglasses, underwire bras, watches, wigs etc. During this test, you may need to carry out small tasks, such as answering basic questions or tapping your thumb with your fingertips. You may want to arrange someone to drive you home after MRI scan as the sedative given may need you to relax.

It identify cranial nerve deficits like vertigo, dysphagia, facial paralysis, decreased hearing etc. The anomaly may also be associated with abnormalities of the jaw, incomplete clefting of nasal cartilages, cleft palate, ear deformities, cervical ribs, hypospadias, and urinary tract anomalies. MRI can diagnose multiple problems like these. It may also identify problems with the cervical spinal cord, the brain stem, cerebellum, cervical nerve roots, lower cranial nerves, or the vascular supply to these structures.

You’ll lie down on a narrow bed that’s attached to the MRI machine. Your head will be on a headrest and your arms at your sides MRI scan is capable of taking pictures of different body parts as well as organs. During the exam, radio waves manipulate the magnetic position of the atoms of the body, which are picked up by a powerful antenna and sent to a computer The computer performs millions of calculations, resulting in clear, cross-sectional black and white images of the body These images can be converted into three-dimensional (3-D) pictures. This helps pinpoint problems in the head and neck regions

Average price range of the test is between Rs.1000 to Rs.24000 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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