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MRI Scan - Ankle Test

MRI Scan - Ankle Test

Patients or others who have suffered from repetitive injuries, broken joints and major fractures will get accurate status about present condition of bones and connecting tissues when they undergo MRI scan in premium diagnostic centers. Magnetic Resonance image which is otherwise called MRI is often done to find out the underlying causes of the diseases. Patients who suffer from major abnormalities in health undergo MRI. Men, women and others who suffer from cerebral disease, eye problems, and spinal cord problems should take MRI scans frequently to rule out various diseases.

Injured people or others who had major cerebral, cancer, tumor, bone and other types of injuries should declare honestly all the medicines and drugs that they are taking to the treatment doctor. Supervising doctor will direct the patients to one of the branded MRI scan centers immediately where the patients will undergo brain or other forms of specific scan. MRI scan will look like a long tube like machine which will have tunnel in one end. Process is not very simple and patient has to stay in the center at least for an hour or so. Individuals who have pain in the ankle or have broken their ankles due to accident will have to do MRI scan in the reputed center.

Patients who have underwent major brain or other types of organ surgeries can rule out cancer, kidney problems, cerebral problems and other such major diseases when they undergo MRI frequently. It is always better to undergo these types of procedures under medical supervision. Patients who are suffering from epilepsy right from young age can rule out cerebral diseases or complications when they do MRI scan in branded hospital. X-rays and other scans will not give clear pictures of brain and other organs where MRI is the only scan which will give perfect and clear images of the brain.

Patients will have to lie down on the MRI machine and stay calm till the complete procedure comes to an end. Kids, children and others who suffer from claustrophobia and other such anxiety problems may need sedation. Immediately after the table slides into the MRI machine the operator will take several pictures of brain. The entire process will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes and the technician switch-off the machine after thorough examination. Sedated individuals will come out of the dizziness and slumber after some time. Since it is a non-invasive procedure there is no risk involved.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.2520 to Rs.8500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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