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Microalbumin (12 Hours Urine) Test

Microalbumin (12 Hours Urine) Test

also known as: Micral Random Urine , Microalbumin Spot Random Urine , Urine Microalbumin Test , Microalbumin Urine Test

This test is taken to know whether the patient’s kidney is damaged or not. This is a urine test which measures the amount of Albumin present in urine. Albumin is a protein present in cells which is used in repairing tissues and cell growth. If a certain amount of Albumin is found in a patient’s urine that can only mean that the patient has some serious kidney damage or disease. This condition is known as Albuminuria which clearly states that Albumin is present in the patient’s urine.

No special preparation is required for these tests. The patient just needs to collect urine for 12 hours in a sterile container provided by the lab technician or the doctor. After the urine sample is handed over it is tested to know the results.

As mentioned above, this test is conducted to check the amount of Albumin present in a patient’s urine. This test helps in preventing kidney disease if it is diagnosed early. The Results of this test are measured in milligrams (mg) of protein leakage into the Patient’s urine. Less than 30 mg of protein present in urine is considered as normal Whereas, 30-300 mg of protein present may indicate early stages of kidney diseases. More than 300 mg of protein present, indicates that the kidney disease has reached an advanced stage. If the kidney damage is beyond initial stages urine may appear to be foamy, the patient may also experience swelling in hands,feet, abdomen,and face.

There are some temporary factors which cause higher value of Protein in urine, they are,Blood in urine, Fever, Dehydration, A urinary tract infection etc., It can also be altered due to certain medicines used by the patients, such as Acetazolamide, Aminoglycosides, cephalosporins, penicillin, polymyxin B, and sulfonamides. Antifungal medications, including Amphotericin B and Griseofulvin. Lithium, which is a medication people use to treat the manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Penicillamine, which is a medication people use to treat Rheumatoid arthritis. Phenazopyridine, which is a medication people use to treat urinary tract pain. Salicylates, which are medications people use to treat arthritis. Tolbutamide, which is a medication people use to treat diabetes.

No particular procedure is needed for this test. The patient is advised to collect his/her urine for 12 hours in a sterile container provided and submit it to the lab technician or Doctor.

Plastic urine container
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Average price range of the test is between Rs.200 to Rs.700 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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