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Iron Deficiency Profile (Thyrocare) Test

Iron Deficiency Profile (Thyrocare) Test

also known as: FED

Iron Deficiency Profile (Thyrocare) aka FED is a test performed if the patient is iron deficient. Iron deficiency (or anemia) develops when your body can’t produce enough red blood cells, which are the primary carriers of oxygen to bodily tissue and organs. Iron deficiency causes dizziness, lethargy, light-headedness or malaise throughout the body. Some other common symptoms are brittle nails, hair loss, headache, irritability or shortness of breath. In case of pregnant babies it can delay the development of unborn babies.

The patient is recommended to wear sleeveless shirt/top as a blood sample will be collected directly from them. The patient will need to fast 8-14 hours before the blood sample is taken. The specimen will be collected in the morning. Since the iron levels decrease by 30% during the course of the day.

This test is performed to check if the patient is suffering from anemia (iron deficiency) by checking the amount of red blood cells in the patient’s body. The normal values of the result must be 33-176 mcg/dL. These values apply for all the genders and age groups as well. If the result turns out as the values mentioned above the patient is absolutely does not have iron deficiency. If the values are less or more then the given range the doctor will guide you further according to the results and the patient.

About 1 milliliter of blood is drawn out directly from the patient. The blood is then centrifuged to form plasma/serum. An alcohol pad is rubbed on the skin. The blood is drawn out with the help of the injection. The serum then is collected in a 3 milliliter light green top tuber and is sent to the laboratory. Colorimetry, Chemiluminescent Immunoassay method is performed on the specimen.

plasma or serum
3ml light green top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Iron Deficiency
All age groups
Rs. 300- Rs 1000

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