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IHC - MSH6 Test

IHC - MSH6 Test

Tumors from patients suffering with the problem of Lynch Syndrome demonstrate loss in the expression of mismatch repair protein. IHC-MSH6 test this identifies and analyses the mismatch repair in the expression of protein function. The pattern associated with loss observed may provide information about the gene that fails to perform functions in the proper manner. In this way, you may find the test as helpful in providing information about lynch syndrome and to direct tests for germ line mutation of a specific gene.

You should inform your doctor about your present health condition, along with the medicine you take, any infection or allergy and similar others. You should fast for a few hours or have light diet before the test. If possible, avoid intake of any toxic substance or junk food before few hours of your IHC-MSH6 test.

The IHC-MSH6 test predicts any tumor prognosis based on the identification of enzymes, antigens specific to tumor problems, tumor suppressor genes and markers of tumor cell proliferation. These tests have brought a drastic revolution in approaches to diagnose tumors associated with any uncertain origin, metastatic and primary ones both.

IHC-MSH6 test has found its wide applications to predict the necessary therapeutic responses in two major tumors, which include carcinoma of prostate and breast. These test methods confirm the presence of infectious agents in various tissues by the help of antibodies against microbial RNA or DNA. Lastly, doctors may use the IHC-MSH6 test for determining the functions of specific genes in their fundamental biological procedures, like apoptosis as well as development.

IHC measures the expression of protein by the help of a specially labeled antibody, which binds to interest proteins. Antibody in this case mixes with various cellular components present in the tumor. After some time, doctors rinse the mixture, so that only the selected antibodies remain attached with the protein targets. Doctors even detect the presence of any antibody by simply observing the collected sample under a professional microscope, as areas incorporating bound antibodies will display different color as compared to the ones lacking them. Samples with higher amount of protein will bind relatively higher amount of antibody and appear dark. In this way, the test not only highlights the presence of protein, but also in its relative amount. Test results in this case are according to the strength of the respective staining and the exact percentage of cells suffering stains.

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