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IHC Marker (4 -5 Antibody) Test

IHC Marker (4 -5 Antibody) Test

IHC or ImmunoHistoChemistry is a special test that pathologists use to confirm the existence of specific molecules on cells that are suspected but not confirmed via routine histology examination. IHC Marker 4 - 5 Antibodies test is done on a sample of biopsy tissue to quantify the level of IHC Marker (4 - 5 Antibodies) in the biopsy tissue. This test is performed to confirm any Tumors and also all through the treatment period and post the treatment of Tumors. ImmunoHistoChemistry uses antibodies—matching molecules—that can look out, recognize and attach themselves to these markers on the cells. The antibodies can be detected under a microscope, for instance fluorescent staining that helps to make a precise identification.

No special preparation is needed for the ImmunoHistoChemistry 4-5 antibodies test. In case of being under medication or undergoing any medical conditions be informed to your doctor prior taking the test for the doctor to instruct you of any pre steps to be taken if at all needed. Above any other preparation, the most important thing is that the patient should be mentally very strong during either diagnosis or post diagnosis during treatment incase if the test results turn positive.

This test helps in detecting the origination of cancer cells and confirming their presence. This technique is also used in histopathology laboratories to localize antigens using specific antibodies in tissue sections. Cancer diagnosis is best done with the IHC test. IHC test has many applications that involve but not limited to diagnosing muscle diseases, research application, brain trauma, Neurodegenerative Disorders, In Genetics and many as such.

This IHC marker test is done on a sample of biopsy tissue collected from the patient under observance. The sample can be a fresh or frozen tissue collected during a biopsy. For any tumor presence, a panel of 4-5 antibodies is decided by the pathologist.

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