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IHC - Cytokeratin 19 Test

IHC - Cytokeratin 19 Test

also known as: Cytokeratin 19 Immunohistochemistry Biopsy Tissue

Also known as CK(Cytokeratin) 19 Immunohistochemistry Biopsy Tissue test. The test is used to detect any kind of cancerous tissues or cells in the Bladder. It is also used to test Cholangiocarcinoma and any ailment of epithelial origin. The test is performed before the confirmation of the presence of cancerous tissues or cells, during treatment and after the treatment is administered. The testing method is same for all age groups and is a unisex testing method. A simple biopsy is to be done on Bladder cells with the help or radiology or ultrasound technique.

Please apprise your doctor for any other medical conditions or medication that you might be consuming. Also, tell the doctor for any kind of allergy or operations you might have had before the testing is to be carried out. The doctor or the attendant will give required suggestions as per your case. Just before the test your Blood pressure, Diabetes could be tested. The patient would be given a gown to ease the testing.

If the test turns out to be a positive, presence of bladder cancer could be confirmed and adequate medication and treatment would be rendered. This test can be done during the treatment to measure the effectiveness of treatment administered to the patient. The level of CK 19 in the suspected tissue can also confirm the presence of Cholangiocarcinoma or any ailment that has an epithelial origin.

During the biopsy, the interaction of antigen and introduced antibodies is to be studied. The test would be done by introducing the external stimuli to the tissue under study. And, the reaction is studied later by the collection of tissues and cells from the Bladder. This is done by inserting a needle and collecting the tissue. Repeated sample collection can be done. Also, X-rays or ultrasound techniques could be availed in cases where detection of tissue is tough. After sample collection, it would be stored at room temperature or refrigerated as the attendant may find fit.

paraffin waxed tissue
1 block
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Cytokeratin 19
All age groups
Rs1500 - Rs2000

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