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IHC, CK 8 Test

IHC, CK 8 Test

also known as: keratin 8

The CK-8, a kind of keratin, helps to detect and distinguish between certain kinds of tumours and cancers. Apart from classification of tumour cells, it is also useful as important markers of tissue differentiation and protein tumour markers.

For testing the presence or absence of CK-8, tissue sample is needed. The kind of test preparation depends on the suspected area. But usually, a biopsy is conducted to get tissue samples. And once again, the kind of biopsy depends on the suspected area.

Testing for CK-8 in cells helps to: Distinguish between different kinds of carcinomas. Detects cancers of certain places.

The procedure for this depends on the kind of biopsy prescribed. For example, in bone marrow biopsy, after local anaesthesia, a long needle syringe is used to draw out a marrow sample from your hips. In case of endoscopic biopsy, a thin tube is inserted through your rectum or mouth or urinary tract to draw samples.

paraffin waxed tissue block
1 block
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
CK 8
All age groups
Rs 800 - Rs1500

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