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IHC, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Test

IHC, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Test

Serpin superfamily belongs to a protein called as Alpha-1-antitrypsin. SERPINA 1 gene has encoded it in humans. If the A1AT activity is decreased in the blood and lungs and excessive abnormal A1AT proteins are deposited in the liver cells then, it means that the production of alpha-1 antitrypsin is defective which is the cause of IHC-alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. The location of proteins in tissues and cells are studied by using the immunology-based method called immunohistochemistry (IHC). If in the human liver, we want to study AAT protein expression then we have to follow IHC-Alpha-1-Antitrypsin.

If the test of IHC-Alpha-1-Antitrypsin is considered then it does not include any special preparation. It includes the blood test. For the blood test, we have to do following preparations.
• Before the test, lots of fluids have to drunk to enable the flow of blood.
• If we are afraid of the needle then, we should be calm. This is due to the reason that if we breath fast then, it will affect the accuracy of the result.

If we go through IHC-Alpha-1-Antitrypsin then, it proves fruitful for us. Now we will discuss the uses of this test in the following manner.
• It is useful to study AAT protein in the liver of the human.
This test can be carried out easily.
• It ensures the good functioning of the liver.
• This test is considered to be reliable.

This test is characterised by the blood test. Following steps have to be taken in the procedure of this test.
• Our vein of the hand has to be searched by the technician.
• After that, there takes place the insertion of the needle into the searched vein.
• Into the syringe, the technician has to draw blood.
• Then, the transfer of blood into the blood container takes place.
• For analysis, the sample of the blood has to be done.

paraffin waxed tissue block
1 swap
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin
All age groups
Rs1400 - Rs 3000

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