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Hepatitis C Virus Total Antibody Test

Hepatitis C Virus Total Antibody Test

also known as: Anti-HCV, HCV Total Antibody

Hepatitis C virus or most commonly known as HCV usually contains flavivirus which is also termed as a RNA virus most commonly infect primates and the sole source of this infection is basically through humans. The most popular form of recognition is through the inoculation with blood and blood products. Hepatitis C contains genome which is around 10,000 nucleotides and which forms into a single polyprotein of 3000 amino acids. This virus commonly infects the liver which is difficult for the inbuilt immune system of the normal human body to fight this virus and it becomes chronic and gradually it may cause liver damages and also liver failure.

It is a fact which has been recorded over the years that 80% of the people who gets infected with Hepatitis C are chronic. The most commonly used methods to eliminate this deadly virus is through proper investigation of the donors of blood and with heat treatment to prevent further infection through the coagulation factor concentration. The most common form is treatment is through the use of antiviral medicines that help the liver from getting damaged any further. It is also very much essential to get the blood tested periodically to evaluate the condition of the liver.

This test helps in using interferon in which normally 50 % of the infected patients responds but also found to be unresponsive in many cases. But 10-20% patients also show very long term success with this treatment. The combined use of interferon and ribavirin has been proved to be a very successful treatment. This combined treatment containing interferon in 3 MU three times in a week and 1000 to 1200 mg of ribavirin are capable of producing the most effective response in getting rid of HCV-RNA from the infected blood after six months depending on the completion of the treatment and it may also extend to 12 months.

The most commonly used method in lab test these days is detect HCV-RNA through PCR in the blood of the infected person. This process is used to a great level for confirmation about the diagnosis process and this method of testing the antibody usually result in giving equivocal outcome and it greatly helps in selecting and choosing the exact therapy required for the treatment.

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Hepatitis C Genotype
All age groups
Rs. 1200- Rs 2500

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