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Hanging Drop Test

Hanging Drop Test

Hanging drop test is performed on the stool to measure the level of mobility of organism such as bacteria in the stool. Also known as Hanging Drop for Vibrio Cholerae Dark Illumination Stool test, it is performed to detect the Pseudomonas infection and to analyze the treatment of the infection. Motile and nonmotile organisms are present in the stool and based on the mobility of the cellular organism the result and further treatment is decided.

There is no special preparation is required for the test. No fasting or no diet plan is required unless there is no instruction given by the doctor. You should eat the normal diet and drink plenty of water. You should consult with the doctor before the test. You should tell the doctor about the different medications, symptoms and other medical conditions before the test so that the result can be accurate. Following the proper instructions before the test is all that is needed to be prepared.

The result of the test is based on mobility of bacteria, the shape of bacteria, the arrangement of bacteria and size of bacteria. The test result is positive when mobility is visible in the sample. Different motile bacteria have different mobility characteristics and based on them further treatment is decided. It is used for diagnosing cholera. If the motile bacteria are present then the shape of the organism, arrangement of bacteria and size of bacteria are checked. The result is negative when there is no movement, or there is the presence of the non-motile organism.

The test is done on the stool sample that is either collected at a lab or at home. However, if the sample is collected at home, it should be sent to the lab within one hour and should be kept at room temperature. A cavity slide, coverslip, petroleum jelly or Vaseline, immersion oil, 24-hour old broth culture of bacteria, loop and microscope, are the different things that are used in the test. Dark illumination method on the stool sample is used for the test. A drop of culture is placed on the coverslip and encircled with the jelly. The jelly is used to prevent the sample from getting evaporated. The coverslip is inverted on the slide, and the sample is hung down on the slide before checking it under the microscope.


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