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Serum Globulin Test

Serum Globulin Test

The Globulin is one kind of the protein in the body which is synthesized in the liver by the immune system. It plays the most important role in the blood clotting, fighting infection, liver function, and others. The globulins can be classified into different types such as alpha 1, alpha 2, gamma, beta, and others. There are several types of the Globulin tests such as complete protein test, serum protein electrophoresis, and others. The serum globulin test measures the gamma globulin and others in the blood. It is also used to diagnose the immune system disorder and multiple myeloma disorder.

For the serum globulin test, you do not need any preparation. If the lab technician has ordered any other blood test, then he may want you to fast for a few hours before the blood test. The health care providers know everything about the serum globulin test so they are the best person to guide with proper instructions to follow during the globulin test. Before this test you should talk to the doctor about the medication use and most of the medicines such as estrogen, dextran, birth control pills, steroids, growth hormone and others can affect the serum globulin test result.

The healthcare providers order to checkup the globulin test regularly to diagnose the specific condition. Most of the sub-specialists come with the serum protein electrophoresis screening in the evaluation of the different clinical condition. The serum globulin test may order to diagnose the problems related to the immune system like the type of cancer, allergies, and autoimmune disease. The Serum Globulin test is used to diagnose the various conditions such as Certain cancer type Liver disease Autoimmune disorder Nutritional issues This type of the lab test can provide the individual's insight into their general health. With the help of the serum globulin test, you can find the serious health issues.

The serum globulin is the blood test. This test uses the blood sample collected and is analyzed in the lab. During this test, the health care providers take the blood samples from the vein in the arm with the help of the small sterilized needle. Before taking out the blood the skin is clean with a cotton dipped in spirit. The professionals will insert the needle and draw blood in the vial or a syringe. Take the small amount of the blood into the test tube to examine. They put the pressure on puncture place to stop bleeding.

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
Rs 80- Rs 500

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