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Factor V Test

Factor V Test

also known as: Factor V Activity, Factor 5 Functional Factor V

Adiponectin is hormone that is released by the fat cells. It helps to improve tissue inflammation and responsiveness to insulin. Insulin is made by beta cells of the pancreas. Adiponectin is released in the blood after a rise in blood glucose level to help lower it to the normal levels. Insulin performs this task by stimulating cells to ‘take in’ glucose and other nutrients.

Adiponectin raises insulin sensitivity. It increases the breakdown of fatty acids and decreases the production of glucose by the liver. Individuals with obesity, type II diabetes, and other metabolic disorders often have low adiponectin levels in blood The Adiponectin Blood Test determines the levels of adiponectin in blood. It is used to diagnose metabolic disorders such as type II diabetes. Adiponectin blood test is performed for the following indications such as Frequent urination, Increased thirst, Fatigue, Blurry vision, Rapid weight loss, Obesity.

The patient should be explained why blood test is done and how the fluid is cultured. There is no diet or fluid restrictions are recommended for the collection of fluid. Patient should explain that there will be a slight pain when the fluid is collected. Patient should be asked whether he had trouble giving blood in the past or have a bleeding disorder.

In order to stabilize glucose levels in certain people adiponectin is used. Along with insulin, it may have useful place for future therapies. This test will help you check your Adiponectin levels and help your doctor know if supplementing with Adiponectin is right for you This test is done inorder to diagnose metabolic disorders.

First band should be wrapped around the arm, above the collection site. The site should be with an antiseptic. The needle cap should be removed and held in line with the vein. The vein is penetrated using the needle with a small and quick thrust. The required amount of blood sample is aspirated by pulling the plunger of the syringe out slowly. The wrap band is removed and bandage is applied where the needle is inserted. The blood is immediately transferred into blood container, and sent into the laboratories.

platelet free plasma
2.7ml blue top tube container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Factor V
All age groups
Rs 1200- Rs5000

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