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DS DNA Antibody Test

DS DNA Antibody Test

also known as: Anti ds DNA Antibodies ELISA Blood , Anti dsDNA Antibodies ELISA Blood , Anti ds DNA Antibodies ELISA , Anti dsDNA Antibodies ELISA

When the body cells encounter foreign invasion (bacterial or viral invasion) into the blood the white blood cells release proteins called Antibodies. The white blood cells sometimes recognize Double-Stranded DNA as a foreign invader and release the Antibodies. This is called DS-DNA- Antibody. It is also called as Antinuclear Antibodies or ANA. It causes inflammation to the body part such as Kidney, lung, heart, and skin. This condition is called Lupus. The DS-DNA- Antibody test is essential when the person encounters fatigue, tiredness, weight loss, hair loss, Urine passes out in dark color, Skin sensitivity for light, headache, and fluctuation in mental status.

30.0 – 75.0 IU/mL is the borderline value for antibodies presence. Lesser than 30.0 is the normal status. Higher than 75.0 will cause all problems. This rate does not vary between individuals. The physician must check with patient's previous medication because some medication might affect the results. The physician must know all the details like if the patient uses prescribed medicine or over the counter medicine or any food supplements. The test requires a blood sample. So the patient must be ready with enough hydration. No need for fasting. This test requires blood collecting tube, syringe, elastic band, cotton balls and cleansing pads.

This test result is the basic test to check on Lupus. There is always mild change in the borderline for 50-70% of patients. Once it is turned out to be negative it saves time for the further test. The physician has to decide about the further test. The positive results may be due to the medications also. Physician interpretation is always best before concluding on own. Additional test like ANA (Antinuclear Antibody test) follows to this test. Helps the patient to understand the side effects of medicine purchased over the counter.

Finish the basic question about hydration and previous medication taken. Make the patient sit comfortably. Ask the patient to make a fist. Tighten the arm with the elastic band. Find a vein and cleanse it with a cleansing pad. Insert the syringe and collect the required amount of blood sample in the blood collecting tube. Press the cotton ball against the poked area of the skin. Send the blood sample to the lab.

Low antibody levels may be found in other connective tissue diseases.
Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
>75 IU/ml
Average price range of the test is between Rs.50 to Rs.2800 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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