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CYFRA 21 - Lung Cancer Marker Test

CYFRA 21 - Lung Cancer Marker Test

CYFRA-21-Lung-Cancer-Marker is a useful test to detect reappearance of lung cancer in an already diagnosed patient. Tumor marker test allows a doctor to diagnose cancer and plan a treatment. CYFRA-21 is a handy marker in the management of Non-Small Cell Carcinoma Lung (NSCCL). 85% of lung cancers are detected as NSCCL. The test has the tendency to show positivity in certain cases of Squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma and Adenocarcinoma.

There is no special preparation required before the test. It is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothes for the test. Wearing sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt should be preferred. You are not required to change or alter your diet. Drinking water and staying hydrated is highly encouraged before the test as it helps in drawing the blood easily with no or little pain. Ask your lab provider or doctor beforehand, if you are required to fast or not and any other instructions to be followed during the test especially if you are taking any medicines.

As mentioned above, CYFRA-21-Lung-Cancer-Marker helps in diagnosing recurrences of the lung cancer in an already detected case. The reports for the same are available within a day.
Guide the doctor in planning treatment.
Help choose which drug or combinations of drugs will work.
Predict a patient's chances of recovery.
Helps in identifying recurrences of cancer.
Is frequently used in the follow-up plan of a treated patient.
Results are categorized into sensitivity and specificity.
Elevated Cyfra 21-1 levels might identify patients with high risk of failing treatment.

Few milliliters of blood would be obtained from you. The entire procedure will not take more than 15 minutes or so. A well-trained phlebotomist will assist you in the entire process.

• A tight band is put on the arm to slow the blood flow and causing the vein to swell.

• An antiseptic wipe or cotton dipped in alcohol is used to clean the area of skin.

• A needle is then injected through the rinsed area into your vein and a blood sample is drawn.

• The blood is saved in a container and labelled with your name and details.

• This sample is carried to the research laboratory for further examination.

serum seperator tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
CYFRA Lung Cancer
All age groups
Rs 2000 - Rs 7000

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