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CT Scan - Lower Limb with Contrast Test

CT Scan - Lower Limb with Contrast Test

CT scan of the lower limb with contrast is a painless, non-invasive medical test that helps the physicians to diagnose and treat the medical conditions associated with legs. The test uses special X-ray equipment to diagnose the lower limb and make its detailed images. The images produced are then examined on a computer monitor and printed. CT scans with contrast material provides greater clarity and enhanced images of the internal organs, blood vessels and soft tissues and help in diagnosis various conditions like blockages or aneurysms. CT scanning uses an injection of iodine-rich contrast material. CT scanning is useful in providing a very detailed 3D picture of different parts of the legs.
You are asked not to eat or drink for 4-6 hours before the CT scanning as the contrast material will be used for scanning. You also need to inform the doctor if you had an allergy with the contrast because he might provide you with certain medicine. You also need to inform him if you are taking diabetes medicine metformin. You also need to inform him about your medical history and conditions so that steps can be taken beforehand. You need to change into a hospital gown so that it will be easier to carry on the procedure. Also, avoid wearing metal items while going for CT scan.
CT scan of the lower limb with contrast is used as a diagnostic tool because it has the ability to display different types of tissues in the same region which includes blood vessels, soft tissue, muscles, and bone. The scan also helps in evaluating the unexplained pain or the stage of cancer, location of tumor and growths or lumps. CT scan helps the doctors during the procedure of biopsy. They are also important in determining whether the patient’s body is efficiently responding to the treatment or not. It also helps to inspect a patient after an accident and to identify traumatic internal injuries.
You need to lie on a narrow examination table which will slide into the center of the CT scanner machine. If you are ordered by the doctor a CT scan with contrast, then the technician will inject a contrast with the IV line into the vein. Once you enter the scanner machine, the X-ray beam rotates around you. The computer creates several images of the limb area which are stored, viewed on a monitor or printed on film. The whole procedure takes around 10-15 minutes. You need to lie still for the scanning test. You may also be asked to hold your breath for short periods of time to avoid blurred images.
₹ 7,000-14,000

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