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CK7 Test

CK7 Test

Cytokeratin is a kind of protein that produces intermediate filament for the cells. It is responsible for providing mechanical aid to the epithelial cells. They form a part of the cytoskeleton and perform a number of functions. The Cytokeratin 7 is a basic type protein. The antibodies to this protein indicate a condition of tissue differentiation and related disorders. The CK7 test is an important examination in pathology for determining tumours as well as cancers. This test detects the presence of primary biliary cirrhosis. It is also useful in distinguishing between prostate cancer and transitional cell carcinomas.

The process does not require any special preparations on your part. The doctor will only take a sample of your tissue. Make sure that you wear clothing which is suitable for the procedure mentioned below. You can also consult your healthcare practitioner regarding the medication you are on. Any medicine which might interfere with the results has to be avoided. The doctor will suggest other preparatory steps depending upon the condition.

The CK7 test is used for various purposes. It is used for finding the presence of carcinomas in the cells. It also distinguishes the same from sarcomas. It also helps in differentiating between ovarian and gastrointestinal carcinomas. Disorders related to tissues are identified through this test. It is used by the doctors for providing a suitable treatment for the diagnosed conditions. It also studies the risk of primary biliary cirrhosis and informs of the same.

The CK7 test is performed on a sample of your tissue. The process of immunohistochemistry is used for the same. The doctor collects a specimen of your tissue and uses a solution of paraformaldehyde for tissue fixation. Preserving the sample for conducting the test is the most critical part of the method. The process of tissue fixation is long and elaborate. The methods of detection vary on the basis of the type of tissue collected. The specimen is usually subjected to various antibodies and the reaction is studied.

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