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CD X2 Test

CD X2 Test

The disorder of stage 2 colorectal cancer can be identified by a new biomarker i.e. CD.-X2 protein. CD-X2 genes encoded a protein in human called as CD-X2. After identification, the disorder of stage 2 colorectal cancer is cured by surgery only. In the patients with this disorder, CD-X2 is helpful in guiding treatment decisions. CD-X2 is considered as the diagnostic biomarker. The interaction of CD-X2 is revealed with PAX6 and EP300. It is also considered as the marker of intestinal-type differentiation which is very useful.

If we identify the disorder of stage 2 colorectal cancer by CD-X2 protein then we have to do certain preparations. These preparations are as follows.
• Remove the whole stool from the body in the washroom. This removal is carried out by taking the medicine.
• We need not eat anything before identification (during the day of identification).
• We should drink the electoral powder dissolved in water for removing weakness caused by the elimination of stool from the body.

If we identify the disorder of stage 2 colorectal cancer by CD-X2 then, it proves to be beneficial for us. The uses of this test are as follows.
• It is used to identify colorectal cancer in stage 2.
• This test is advantageous in adjuvant chemotherapy.
• It is helpful to provide treatment at the correct time.
• It is not a blind test.

The procedure of this test has following steps.
• In CD-X2 positive and CD-X2 negative, the tumour samples are stratified.
• The study is carried out for the relationship between levels of CD-X2 expression and other molecular characteristics (TP53 mutations and molecular instability) in the ad hoc collection.
• In a discovery data-set of 466 patients, the relationship between disease-free survival and CD-X2 RNA expression levels are tested.
• In relation to CD-X2 and ALCAM genes, patients are stratified into subgroups.

parafin waxed tissue
1 block
sterile specimen container
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All age groups
Rs 680- Rs 1500

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